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How long did you try for untill you got a BFP

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to hear your stories on how long it took you to conceive with PCOS
I was diagnosed in this year with PCOS and I haven't had a period for 1 year now and that how long me and hubbie have been trying to conceive.I have been on Metaformin for three weeks so I was just wondering and wanted to hear some uplifting stories.

Baby Dust to all xxx


  • Hi Karen,

    Weirdly I feel pregnant first month off the pill but sadly it was ectopic. Afterwards my periods didn't return for months and month and even when i got the odd AF tests showed i wasn't ovulating. I took med's to induce AF and then started on the clomid for 6 months. In total from first month of trying it took 19 months, but eventually I fell on my final month of clomid. (I had just completed IVF paperwork!)

    It was a long hard road, but I realize others have had it much worse. For more inspiration, check out our EDD list, its amazing, for years we all became online friends over in LTTTC and now look, gradually slowly miracles have happened!

    Hope your not waiting too much longer.

    Gem x

  • Hi Karen,

    Like Gem I fell pregnant within 4 months of coming off the pill but sadly miscarried.

    My af didn't return for a year and I was diagnosed with PCOS during this time.

    I took Provera to induce my first bleed in a year so that I could start Clomid and amazingly I fell pregnant on the first cycle!

    I'm now almost 28 weeks but all in all it took about 18 months to get this BFP.

    Hope the met works for you and that you get your cycles sorted and a hasty BFP!

  • hi hun, i was diagnosed with pcos on 18th june 2009 date i will never forget. i am over weight, so they wouldn't give me clomid till i lose loads of weight, sent me away for another 6 months, convinced the fertility doctor to give me metformin but that did nothing. i had literally given up, i was taking my temp every morning and checking cm. in december i had ewcm but my temp didn't rise at same time so i didn't think i had ov'd at all. but on 12th january i did a test and to my surprise it was bfp. it took 11 months to get it. i am now 34+1 and being induced at 38 weeks. there is hope hun, i know it is very hard too but the more you relax about it the better, i know easy to say tho. good lcuk and hope you get bfp very soon
  • I had unexplained infertility, it took us 24 months to get pregnant with no apparant problems, it seemed like an absolute age xx fingers crossed it is your turn soon xx
  • We had unexplained fertility probs but i do suffer really badly from cysts on both my ovaries. It took us 33months to get our very 1st bfp and i am now 15+5. I really hope its your turn soon! XX
  • We had unexplained fertility probs but i do suffer really badly from cysts on both my ovaries. It took us 33months to get our very 1st bfp and i am now 15+5. I really hope its your turn soon! XX
  • I have PCOS too and wasnt having any periods at all - i had one after coming off the pill but then nothing, In total we were tryng for 3 & half years or so but from when we went to Drs it was probably about 20 months before we got our BFP. I had ovarian drilling at first & then started clomid & then clomid with metformin none of these worked for me (but i know they do for many) i kept taking the metformin & eventually got BFP after taking menopur injections, had to keep up the metformin till 16 weeks. So far so good, im 36 weeks today. Really hope you get your BFP soon - a friend of mine got her BFP after taking metformin for about 8 weeks x x x
  • hey i was diagnosed with pcos about 4 months ago i was devistated convinced i would never get pregnant as we had been trying for 3 years. i had a hsg to clear out my tubes and now 2 months later i have just found out im pregnant i cant believe it worked. its very painfull but worth it. xxx
  • Hi I have PCOS & mild endemitriosis too and it took us 8 long long yrs, we finally had a gorgeous little boy in July this year with iui treatment, whilst trying naturally we had 3 early miscarriages during the 8yrs we also tried chlomid but only for 1mth as we then started iui.....
    Sianni xx
  • We were trying properly for 18 months (as soon as we got married) And I always knew it would take us some time because I have always had problems.....

    I am now 9 weeks after 1 cycle of chlomid, the oddest thing is, I got the results of a scan saying I had PCOS on the same day I got my BFP! I also had to lose weight before I could be referred to fertillity clinic, it lost 3 stone with slimming world in 6 months and i'm convinced that also helped!
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