coming off pill

i have been taking microgynon 30 pill for 7years and am wanting to come off it and try for a baby, was just wondering if anybody knows if i will bleed straight after coming off or if it will take wks or months or is everyone different?!?!?!?!? i just took last pill in packet on sat so will be due period on wed. am going on holiday beg of ayg and don't want to be on while i'm there so wanting ans to the abovve q's so i can decide weather to come off now or when i get back!! help!:\?


  • hi, i took that 1 u may have a p while on hol babe
    i only missed a couple of them pills and got preggers! so if u keep on practicing u may avoid the p but have 2 stay off the cocktails!lol
    lots of stuff says 2 wait until u have a "normal" p but i didnt and concived a lovely healthy baby
    if ur p dont come couple wk before u go hol u could take pill again 2 stiffle ur p ( and make the most of cocktails) lol
    hope it goes well babe enjoy ur hol and makin a babe!! xx
  • i'm not due to be on p while on hols am due on wed this wk so shouldn't be on on hols but wasn't sure if i come off it totally before hols if my p will just come whenever it wants?!?!
  • my periods were all over the show after coming off pill and took weeks to get period may have even been couple months dont rely on it being on time hun. if however bits the 1st one after last pill should be on time as body will just think its the normal break, eriods that follow maybe irregular however hope this helps? xx
  • am just going to wait till i get back then come off it, won't have to worry about p comin on hols then and can enjoy some cocktails! thanks for your advice
  • enjoy ur hol babe, mines a malibu and pineapple! lol, never had 1 but brodiesmus sez they r very nice!!. xx
  • will do, no doubt i'll be on here again soon for other advice!
  • Hi, I took the same pill and I went back to a normal cycle straight away. I would recommend you have at least one normal period before ttc though as it gives you an idea of what your cycle is so you know when you are most fertile and don't waste a fortune on tests wondering whether you are late or not! I waited until I had two normal periods before we started ttc and we conceived first month of trying!
    Good luck, and enjoy it! =D xx
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