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I don't think it was a sticky one

Can't believe I was posting my BFP on here just Saturday. I have just started bleeding really heavily. I guess I am losing it. I feel so numb. :cry:


  • oh socks thats awful. sending you lots of hugs x
  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear that.
    It might still be alright though, your body can do ridiculous things.
  • oh socks i am so so sorry, have u got a doc apointment? xxxxx
  • sweetheart I didn't want to read and run. I had a silent mc at 12 weeks 2 weeks ago and therefore I'm not going to try and find words to console you. I am so sorry for you and I can promise that it gets easier. You will never forget but there is sometimes no reason for it.
    Do make sure you see your GP.

    Lots of cuddles coming your way.
    Keeping it all crossed for a sticky one, my mother didn't know she was pg with me til I popped out, she kept having visits from AF!

    Mrs K


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  • socks hunny,,,, big big hugs, know it's scary, but we're all here for you to give you support,, please call the doc and make appt, it could be your body getting rid of old blood, it doesnt need?

    keep us posted xxxxx
  • Socks - we're all thinking of you. Get yourself to the docs and we'll all be keeping our fingers crossed xxx
  • oh socks honey, try not to panic i know its hard it is possible to have bleeds even heavy and beany be fine- el_pinko had the same and she's 27weeks now i think?!

    get an appointment at docs and see what they say they might send u for a scan at epu...might be a bit early but u never know.

    Got everything crossed 4 u honey!
  • oh no socks im so sorry.
    are you getting any pain?its possible its just one of those things and you'll go on to have a happy pg. like everyone has said see your dr
    Im thinking of you babe *******BIG HUGS**********
  • Hi Socks, just sent you a post through the pregnancy bit but thought Id send you one here too. I hope your ok, hopefully as you dont have any pain it will all be fine. Thinking of you xxx
  • so sorry hun. as the other girls said get checked out first you never know everything might be ok. sending hugs.xxxx
  • iam keeping everything crossed for you,hope everything turns out ok

    very big hugs

  • so sorry hun. thinking of you x x just wanted to say my friend bleed heavy till 3mths on both her babys and they are now 3 and 7 mths x x
  • So so so sorry - but I guess there is still some hope. Please let us know how you are doing
  • So sorry to hear this,will keep everything crossed for you.xx
  • Socks
    I really hope it isn't bad news and am really sorry to hear what you are going through. Let us know how you get on at the docs. We are all thinking of you and praying that your little bean is okay.
  • Thanks for the replies. Don't really know why I put it on both forums, bit silly I suppose. Been to the doctors they can't scan until next week but I am not in pain which she says is good. I have to call her Thursday. I wish I could get hold of my H.
  • Sorry to hear you are going through this, socks. I really hope it all works out to be ok. (((hugs))) xx
  • i really hope you and little bean are ok hun - my fingers are crossed for you.

    we're all here for you no matter what, big hugs image xxxxx
  • Honey I am really sorry i have no been on here all day and then come on to see this.....

    there is stil hope though ok and we will see what happens after the scan. I know it must be scary but you have everybody who loves you around you and we are all here for you ok. You wont be alone Big Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i'm crossing everything i've got for you socks,
    take care
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