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Just a quick question.....

is it ok to still have your hair coloured when you are pregnant, I have read on some websites it is best to wait until 12 weeks, my hair appoint is next week and I am 4 week pregnant.....

Obviously i dont want to take any risks whatsoever, is it relatively safe?


  • I have read the same but found a link on BE to a hairdye webite that sells hair dyes that are meant to be safe in pregnancies- dont know if it will be much help to you if you get your hair dyed at a salon?

    HTH xx

  • Hi there I think you will be ok it's more of the fact that your hair can react differently to the colour than it normally would when ur not pregnant x
  • Ive read alot of conflicting advice on this. Do you get all over colour or high lights?

    my hairdresser told me the main things are do it in a well ventilated room, and also your scalp and skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy so make sure you do a skin patch test 48 hours before....And she suggested that foils might be safer as they dont actually touch your scalp.


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  • Ive always wondered this too, I just have my foiled and the colour never goes up to the scalp anyway, so i think i will go ahead with it, just hope for the best it comes out alright lol. Our hair supposedly gets thicker during pregnancy.

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  • you can use a dye all over but not bleaching or anything as strong as that x
  • I have an all over brown colour so i hope that is ok.....

    My hairdresser doesn't know i am pregnant and I cant tell him as he also does hair for around four of my colleagues at work and i dont want it going round my company until i am 12 weeks....

    I said i had a pregnant friend who was worried lol and he said that his girlfriend just had a baby and he coloured her hair the whole way through her pregnancy, so it sounds safe enough to me.....

    I get it done about every 5 weeks but think it will leave it a bit longer than that between colourings.... I need to save money for when the baby comes anyway! lol!
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