Do you...

...refer to yourself in the third person when you're talking to your baby?

I always promised I wouldn't, and don't; my sister does it, "Come to Aunty!" and it drives me mad! My friend does it with her daughter (which doesn't drive me mad!) and we got chatting about it today. She thinks it's cute and funny, it always gets a grin out of her dd so she must be right! :lol:

None-judgemental, I promise, I was just wondering what other people do!


  • Yep, afraid I do lol Though I don't use baby speak to talk to my little man, I do say things like 'come to mummy' more so to teach him. I think when he can say Mummy and Daddy I'd stop doing it, maybe... hee hee xxx
  • Guilty as charged!

    I like to think that I don't do it much in adult company though.

    Before DD we'd always get xmas cards / thank you cards, etc from friends' babies that were written as though by them (if that makes sense). DH and I made a pact we would never do it (being the miserable gits we are!). What happened this Xmas?! LO sent her own thank you cards out, written by me complete with little jokes and anecdotes. I don't think anyone would believe me if I said she dictated them...
  • Oh no, is there something wrong with doing this?

    I've done the thank you cards from LO too, I just thought it was the right thing to do - whoops!
  • Yep every time!!! Even when I'm shouting for hubby I shout Daddy hehehe!!! So it's a lot of 'mummy loves you, where's mummy, come to mummy'!!! Sending cards from LO too, get's bloody expensive!!! One from us, one from her!! xxx
  • Nope, there's nothing wrong with it as such as far as I know! We get ds to sign cards, but we don't write them from his point of view yet, although we definitely will, probably this year actually. I don't know why, I just can't bring myself to refer to myself as 'Mummy'! I don't mind being the minority though image
  • another one here i'm afraid, unfortunately i've got so much into the habit of it over the last 22 months, that i even catch myself doing it when the lo's aren't about my ds is older i have to tell him when i go to the loo etc so i'm also saying things like 'mummy is just going for wee' lol, but oddly enough, i dn't think i say 'come to mummy' but more often say 'come here sweetheart' or 'come and sit on mummy's lap' xx
  • I'm terrible, I do it all the time! I spend my days doing it infact, even when Sophie isn't around I've accidentally done it to the cats or to my hubby, there has been many a time where I've told one of the cats that "mummy will be right back" and then realised that I've said. Oops!

    We also do cards from Sophie, but our thank you cards were written from us but then signed from all of us inc. Sophie.

    I do use quite a bit of 'baby speak' but I make an effort to talk normally to her too, when I'm doing things around the kitchen etc and she's there I'll tell her what I'm doing.

    KP xx
  • god yes - i think i have forgotten what my name is and whilst i get confused and often call Simon Taz (the dog!) generally i refer to him as Daddy x
  • G/C from pregnancy!

    Yeah I do already - to my two dogs!

    Not in baby speak though!

    Now if my husband is with them, say in the kitchen, and he says, "Where's your Mum" - They will actually come and find me!
  • I do say come to mummy etc. but I am trying to get DS to say mama more! xx
  • yes, I was just saying to my pal yesterday that I had better get out the habit before going back to work or else I'll forget and refer to myself as 'mummy' on the phone to someone LOL! I even said it to her baby yesterday, and then had to apologise and go 'sorry, I'm not your mummy!' hehe
  • lol I do it ALL the time, in fact I don't think I have ever said anything other than 'come to mummy' etc and yep I do it in my auntie role too lol come to Auntie ******'!!!!!!!!!
  • Yup, I do it all the time too, and I write thank you cards from DD. At 9 months, she still never says mama though, always dada, humph!
  • I do! And you should as they don't get the whole concept of 'you, me, I' etc..
  • Ha Ha, guilty as charged! I totally do this, however I am doing it so that she will learn to say 'mummy'! I am always talking about 'daddy' so I am sure she will say his name first, but determined that i will get her knowing me as 'mummy' soon!

    Whilst on this topic, I always vowed that I would not be one of those mothers that put's their baby on the phone when talking to relatives/friends....and guess what...i totally do! I hope my friends/ relatives understand and find it sweet like I do, although I recall thinking it was an odd thing to do before M arrived!

    Oh well, the things us mummys do (and always said we wouldn't!)

    Emma x
  • Yep indeed I do!

    I will say to Lily 'eat your breakfast for mummy' or 'Does Lily want a drink' instead of 'do you want a drink'.

    It just seems more natural to talk to babies this way.

    Me & hubby also call each other mummy & daddy - bizarre!
  • Are we not supposed to? I just presumed thats how he would learn my name?
  • I do! And you should as they don't get the whole concept of 'you, me, I' etc..

    We should Pootle??? Surely they get the concept of "you, me, I" as much as the concept of anything else, like "Mummy, Daddy, cow, dog, car"?
  • In most of the baby books that I have read tbey advise that you leave me, I, you etc for when they have mastered a few basic words because they can't grasp the concept. But I'm sure it makes very little difference at all.
  • Oh right, probably should've read some baby books then! :lol: Hope he's not broken... image
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