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prenatal massage?!

hi everyone, i've booked to have a pre-natal treatment thing on thursday and i was wondering if anyone has had a massage like this? i'm not sure if its the right time to go and do this kin of stuff or if i'm too early/too late to do it? any ideas xdebs x


  • My best friend had one at start of her third trimester, and absolutely loved it; said she hadnt realised how much she ached until she did it. Went back again at about 33 weeks, and has had a couple of new mum massages since her daughter was born. So definitely go for it!! Would love one myself but all the ones near me cost a fortune!

    I know MrsBK had one the other day so when she's around might be worth asking her about it. xx
  • Lol! I thought you were on about the old perenial massage for a minute!!!!

    Pre-natal massage sounds lovely - I didn't know such a thing existed if i'm honest.

    I had a couple of massages last pregnancy & just sat up instead of laying on my front.

    No chance of me having time for one this time with a monkey hanging off my hip!!
  • Hiya hun, I had a mother to be massage last week and it was lovely! I was laid on my back for the duration and they massaged my feet and legs, then they working on my tummy and covered it with a "mask" then left that and did the shoulders / neck / scalp etc and then did a facial and left me a face mask on...

    I was then left for a few minutes to just chill which was soo nice and then when they reurned they took the masks off my tummy and face and then moisturised my whole body!

    To be honest I feel relaxed just writing about it! I want another one please!

    Hope you enjoy it lovey!! xxx
  • my husband got me a voucher for one for my xmas, and i am looking forward to using it!!!

    Might wait a couple of weeks yet as i keep hearing all the horrors of the 3rd trimester and i've just enetered mine today feeling good so i'll see if this changes!
  • i always imagined a bed to lay on with a hole for bump- do they have these?!

    id kill for a nice deep back massage! lugging a dd on outside and dd on inside is hard hard work!! image
  • i went today and it was amazing! you girls to make me laugh though, perenial massage image and the bed with the hole in image i will enlighten you on how it works.. for the back massage, its sitting up with a cushion to hold over the front of you, then theres an arm and leg massage, a bump rub and a scalp massage, all very relaxing and i shall be going again!xx
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