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Tough week of waiting for appointment

Hi everyone,

We're onto month 11 of ttc our first and have recently found out that I don't ovulate regularly and at the last appointment I was also told that I don't have the right hormones to maintain a pregnancy (not really sure what this means, but think it's related to not ov). The gp has referred us to a fertility clinic and mentioned Clomid as an option and also said that I might have to have a lap and dye. I'm really pleased that we're being referred, but am just so fed up of waiting! I'm really worried that the time is slipping away and that our dreams of having a big family are also fading. It's scary waiting, but I'm also so worried that they are going to fob us off as it's only been one year of ttc. I was wondering whether any of you had experiences similar to mine and could offer advice? In your experience, is it likely that treatment starts fairly soon after referral to clinic, or might they do nothing at this stage? I feel like our life is 'on hold' at the moment and it's so hard.

Looking forward to hearing from you xx


  • Mrsh sorry to here youv been trying a while. Its tough ttc, but atleast they have looked into it and you know why youv not got pg, i think i would fine it worse if it was unexplained infertility. What they will prob do is put you on clomid first, they tend to do that to see if it kick starts ov, as clomid is relatively cheap compared to having a lap and dye etc. Also if clomid works saves you having to have something like the lap and dye done.

    But some gp's do it differently, there doesn't seem to be a outlined process for what should be next.

    It can be a long process but just think about why you are doing all this.

  • Hi my situation is slighty different in that we have a male factor causing the infertility. How long ago did your doctor refer you to the fertility clinic? It took just over 3 weeks to receive the letter when we got referred, the clinic may want to do some more in depth hormone testing on you and run tests on your partner too before actually giving you any drugs so they have the full picture.

    We got referred to Liverpool Womens, had first appointment late april and up to now are still going through the test/investigation stage so treatment is still a way off. All clinics operate differently though
  • Thank you guys. Faye, you're totally right,we're just telling ourselves that everything will be worth it if we do finally get pg- neither of us expected it to be quite so hard and emotionally painful though. Wibblewobble, hubby has already had SA tests which came back ok- he's not even on the referral letter to the clinic as the gp felt that my hormone issues were the reason for us ttc for so long! When you got your first appointment letter from the clinic, did it explain what would happen at the appointment? I'm a bit nervous about what to expect. (Still a long way off I know, but I like to know what might happen!)xx
  • MrsH,

    Your situation sounds very similar to ours. DH had good semen anaysis. But I do not ovulate regularly, if at all. And I, also got the impression that I would struggle to maintain a pg, as my hormones are not balanced properly.

    It took 8 weeks to get referral for Fertility clinic, our first appt was in August 2010. Its taken until now to start on the 1st round of clomid, but it would have been earlier (January/Feb) but my BMI was slightly higher than they were happier with. I got it down to 31 and they were happy with that.

    I havn't found the process itself too stressful. The first appt was just with the nurse, who took all our history, booked me in for a scan of my ovaries and an contrast xray of my fallopian tubes to check for blockages. Once these were done, we had a follow-up appt with the consultant who outlined the treatment plan.

    It felt like it was taking forever, bt its gone so quickly and we still kept hope that we would get a natural BFP in this time, so kept me focused.

    I'm 33, though, so I have resigned myself to the fact that I won't be having a big family, and would be happy with one or two now. Although there's something like a 10% chance of multiple births with clomid, so you never know!!

    Good luck with your journey, and I hope this helps.

    Windy x
  • Thank you so much Windy, it does help! I'm 33 soon too so sound as though I'm in a very similar situation to you. Have you started Clomid now? How are you feeling? It's so reassuring to know that time has gone fairly quickly for you- and like you say, I guess there is still a chance of a natural BFP to hope for! (as well as the possibilty of multiple births on Clomid...v exciting!!) xx
  • Yep, on my 1st round of clomid- in the 2ww. I'm not too hopeful, though, as situations contrived against us and we didn't BD at exactly the right times. Typical!!

    I have another 5 rounds to try, then I'm booked for Lap & Dye and ovarian drilling if we don't conceive before then. After that, its IVF. But I'm not sure I want to go down that route. I don't want to think that far ahead!

    I'm feeling pretty narked about the rest of the fertile world at the mo, though. But generally I've been ok on clomid. Knowing I respond well to it and ovulated is a step in the right direction! I had two scans to pinpoint ovulatuon/how many eggs I released and bloods to monitor my progesterone production (this is the hormone that maintains pregnancy).

    I'm now a professional pee-on-a-sticker and spend more on opk's, pg tests and evening primrose oil than I ever used to spend on alcohol!!! PS, I recommend evening primrose oil. I think it really helped before I even started clomid. I had 2 cycles in 3 months! I take 500mg once a day from day 1, til ovulation.

  • Have you heard from the clinic yet mrs H?

    It's so hard waiting, when all you want is aknowledgement that you exist to them :evil: even if they were to write and say well it's going to be 6 months until we see you at least you'd know and have a focus. We're now going into our 4th week waiting for hubby's op appointment I emailed the other day and theatre slots aren't available yet :evil: that just put me on a downer as I have no idea how far in advance they book them up

    Like windy said your first appointment will most likely be just questions on your medical history and maybe blood tests and scans they'll then send you away to wait again :evil: while they get your results together
  • Yes, we heard!! Our appointment is on 17th August which really isn't too bad! Feels like it's ages and ages away, but I work in a school so we've got the summer holiday starting at the end of July which will at least make August go quickly! Thank you so much for asking though- it's so good knowing that there are lots of lovely ladies on here being supportive!

    I don't understand why they keep us waiting without any idea of appointments- SURELY they must be able to give you some more information wibble?- it's just so cruel! They must realised how important this is to you- grrrrr!! Have they been able to give you any more idea of timescales at all? Poor you- waiting is defo one of the worst bits in all of this! Good luck- hope the appointment comes soon xx
  • Hi MrsH3 we've been TTC for 11 months too and I've just booked our 1st appointment with the doctor to get the ball rolling. When you went did you tell them you had been TTC for 11 months or did you say 12 months?

    I'll be turning 30 in 4 months time and I was really hoping for a BFP by then as I too would like a big family.

    Glad to hear you've got your appointment in August, I'm sure it will fly by x
  • Hi Loopy,

    I just wrote you a nice long reply- and then the internet connection went and I lost here's the edited highlights!!

    I initially saw the GP after 6mths of ttc and the GP started doing tests for ovulation straight away- not sure why, must have been something in my history. Anyway, after blood tests the GP identified that I wasn't ovulating. He also did SA tests with hubby which thankfully came back ok. We were then referred to the fertility clinic and we're keeping everything crossed that we get given clomid- and that it works for us!!

    Please do keep in touch- nice to talk to someone else who is at a similar stage of ttc! Let me know if you get your referral! Wishing you lots of luck and sending superstrength baby dust! xx
  • Windy, how are you doing with the Clomid- have you had any nasty side effects (or any really nice ones?!) xx
  • Hi MrsH3 thank you so much for the reply. I was worrying about going to the doctor's after 11 months and wondered if I should keep TTC for longer but I know how long these things take and by the time I go to the doctor's and book in our tests it will be more like 12 months anyway.

    I'm a bit nervous about going but it will be nice to have some reassurance that everything is ok or at least get to the root of the problem. I never though we wouldn't b pregnant 11 months down the line...

    Let me know how your appointment goes in August, I'll post back too after our appointment on Thursday. Hope we all get our BFP's soon xx
  • I know- I never imagined ttc would be so difficult! I'm from a really big family and just thought it would happen straight away- it's been a real wake up call to what's important in life...and by the time we finally get our bfp, we will have the most loved baby in the whole wide world!

    You're defo right to go to the GPs now- everywhere seems to be so different in terms of fertility treatment, so you never know how quickly things might go through for you. We found it really useful to talk things through with the GP too- we both had lots of questions answered and felt like we found a new direction (and some new hope!) I hope it goes well for you and that you get yourselves a big dose of positivity! Let me know! xx
  • Hi MrsH3 yep I will definitely let you know how we get on at the doctors and I totally agree with realising what is important in life. I'm very close to my family too so a little one of our own is really important to me.

    I am considering giving up the alcohol too. Don't want it to sound like a drink a lot but me and hubby usually has more than the recommended allowance once a week on a Saturday nite, other than that we don't touch a drop through the week but just wondering if this might help us? I think anything is worth a go at the moment.

    Good luck with your fertility appointment x
  • Hi mrs H

    I dont want to give you false hope but I was told by my GP that I wasnt ovulating and was so upset, I waited 7 months for my hospital referal, I was there yesterday and she had my results from GP, the lab had written notes next to my results stating they were sure I had been tested on the wrong dates image

    I was never informed of this & I was tested twice round about the same time each month and told not ovulating. I was gutted, I already have tube damage, I cried for nearly 7 months! The doctors at the fertility clinic are so much better than your gp's ( not knocking GP's but at the clinics, its there speciality)

    Wishing you lots of luck xxx
  • Oh my goodness Manolofan- that is terrible! Which day had the GP tested you on? You've got me worried now! I always had my blood tests on day 19 (of a 27-29 day cycle)- which I know is different to some people. I wish this appointment would hurry up and arrive so that I can get some answers!!

    Lots of luck to you too! xx
  • my cycle is usually 28/29 days I was tested for ovulation on day 21
  • I was tested on day 17 and 21 but my cbfm always states I ovulate early usually day 10 - 13!

    I told the doctor at the fertility clinic this and she says with my periods being pretty normal the cbfm should be correct!

    My cycle is 28 days.

    I know its really hard but try not to worry and wait for your referal, they will be able to give you a much better report, im taking my gp's findings with a pinch of salt now! xxx
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm having my bloods done on CD21 too, it must be standard but I did wonder how this would suit everyone?

    I usually ov around CD20/21 or a couple of days later so hoping that it will be ok for me.

    manolofan sorry to hear that the doctor cuased you so much upset - its so annoying!

    MrsH3 hope your appointment comes arounf quick for you!

  • Hi, we have been ttc for three years and nothing has happend for us yet, htb has been married before and went through a whole list of investigations etc etc with no end result. This time around he feels we may not even get a look in with the fact he has already been there done that sort to speak but he was proven wrng yesterday when we went to the drs and the dr has referred him to hosp to count his sperm.. Your time will come hun, at least that's what I keep telling myself. xx
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