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BUMPS! Are you showing yet?

Hi ladies,

I turned 15 weeks this morning and have seen a big change in the last week. I had to go and buy two maternity dresses yesterday as my usual dresses were quite literally splitting at the seams! This is first baby and I just looked a bit bloated until now, so am very happy to see a little bump forming!

Anyone else? Maybe we should start a bump picture thread?


  • I've got my bump and i love it !! and it defo looks like a baby bump now as well because a few random people have asked when i've been in Tesco etc

    We should defo start taking pics i think thats a great idea
  • I've definitely got a bit of a bump. I couldn't get my usual winter coat done up yesterday and I put my elasticated button extender thingy in my jeans on Sunday.
  • I think ive got a noticable bump now, non of my normal clothes fit anymore.

    Ill take a picture later and we can start a bump thread! image
  • That would be great xStephxuk! I need to get DH to take one of me, as the last one I took at 13 weeks and a lot has changed since then image Look forward to seeing bumps so we can compare!

    Also bought maternity bra yesterday and best thing I ever did - SO MUCH more comfortable, should have done it weeks ago!
  • HappyMarried2010 where did you go for your Maternity Bra did you have to be measured ??

    I've a few from last time they are from Next but i dont like them need to go and get some more really.
  • I have a little hard bump under all the flab but no real bump to speak of yet - I just look fatter

    Lol, same here after having babies already i just have my flabby muffin ha ha when i lie down though i can feel a little hard lumpimageSomeone did ask the other day if i was pregnant so i must be starting to show, good job i am ha that would have been awkward :lol: xx
  • Hi YummyMummy27 - I don't live in the UK at the moment, so can't be much help image

    I just went to a maternity clothes shop and they had a selection. I took a big selection into the changing room and went with the one that was supportive and comfy (actually just one back size up from usual size and same cup size).
  • Iv not got much of a bump!! I really can't wait till i do!!!

  • I'm only 12+4 so no real bump yet but with the amount I have eaten to combat nausea (ok and overeating cos i;m no longer dieting!) I have had to buy a bigger pair of jeans as even my fat ones wouldn't fit. So while i've grown its in general rather than in a specific bump (can't wait!)
  • I'm very jealous of these bumps I'm just looking podgy x
  • I am 15+4 today and still haven't got a Definate bump but have put on a few pounds, I will post a pic on Saturday when I will be 16 weeks

    Emma xx
  • I have an obvious bump now so starting to feel a little more relaxed as to what i wear - before i was sooo self concious that i just looked podgy and was living in baggy clothes but now i can start to show my bump offimage will try and get a piccie and add it to your thread - love the bumps xx
  • I'm convinced my bump is poo cos of being constipated! I'm 15+3 so am sure some of it is a baby! Trousers are a bit tight too. Got the bio oil out already.
  • Im getting a little bump now... just worried I look like I have eaten too many pies rather than am pregnant image

    Will get hubby to take a picture tommorrow and will pop it on here x
  • Hi I am just 13 + 2 weeks, but you can see little bump, its amazing image xx
  • I'm 14 weeks + 2 days. I can't fit into any of my clothes but just look fat at the mo. can't wait until I get a bump as I just look like I've put a lot of weight on! Doesn't help that I've already gone up 6 bra sizes too up to a J cup!!!
  • Well I can notice a difference (and the fact that half my trousers don't do up!) but apparently others can't....every time I tell someone I'm pregnant they delight in telling me how slim I still am and how I don't have a bump yet!! I guess they're just trying to be nice but I loved having a bump last time and can't wait till I have an obvious baby bump again!

  • Well my belly has definitely popped now (14wks) and I at last have a bit of a bump, still not enough for someone else to notice yet and has a fleshy wobbling covering of fat too (i'll call it baby insulation ready for winter! hehe) but i think i may get a bump afterall this time round!
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