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ill and suffering. what can i take to help!?

Im full of cold, have a banging head and ache all over. I've taken patacetamol but has had no effect. Is there anything else i can safely take??


  • oh poor you. i have had so many bugs this pregnancy, so i sympathise. to be honest, i don't think there is anything else you can take. the pharmacist told me i could use vicks vapour rub when i had sinus pain and you can take honey and lemon gylcerine i think it is for a cough but that is about it!!! i found making a hot honey and lemon drink made me feel a bit better and other than that, going back to bed and sleeping it off!

    hope you feel better soon!
  • Thanks for replying greymum. im feeling shocking!! i just hope i pick up by time ds comes home x
  • I use halls for my sore throat and hot honey and lemon too. Lemsip is just paracetomol, isn't it? I had soluble paracetomol and found it was better than tablets, so maybe lemsip would work better. I feel for you, as I was poorly right in the midst of my worst nausea period. It was hell! xx
  • i think you need to check whether lempsip has decongestent in, because if so, i am not sure you can take it. for other medical reasons, i cannot take lemsip but can take paracetamol so there must be something different in it.

    hope you are feeling better today.

  • Been to the drs and can not take anything other than patacetamol for fever. he has prescribed me some co codamol though which contains patacetamol and is a good pain killer. Hopefully that will make me feel more comfortable. bonus is it can make u drowsy so i may actually get some sleep...Wooohooo!!

    Asked if temperature will affect baby and said no not at all....phew xx
  • Sterimar sea spray works well for blocked nose and sinus. It's totally safe to use in pregnancy and can be used for babies too for future reference! Hope you feel better soon x
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