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Welcome to Due in September 2014!

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm HelenBX and I'm here to help. Oh dear, that sounds a bit *customer-services voice* but I hope you know what I mean!

Please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions, please do shout!



  • Hi I'm Stacey 7wks 4days pregnant (EDD 1/9/14) with my 3rd child after a long nearly 4yrs trying and 2 early miscarriages. I've booked a private scan for the 30th January although I may move it forward as I just can wait image x

  • Hello Stacey1986 - lovely to 'meet' you.

    And, wow, you've had a long journey to get here! Hope you're taking it easy, young woman? *stern*

    I have three, so, if you need any heads-ups on coping with more than two hands can manage, I'm your girl! (Not that 'coping' really covers it - more like hanging in there!)


  • Thank u! I'm hoping my 2 boys being 8 and 5 when baby arrives will be a plus, although I'm dreading the school run! I'm due more or less when they go back to school! My sister had a baby in July and the boys r wonderful with her, so I know they will just love having another little brother/sister! Its still early days so me and hubby r trying not to get to excited (not that that is working image) we just want to tell everyone! X

  • Ha! School run is definitely, erm, challenging with a newborn. BUT then you get to have most of the day just with the baby - which is wonderful, I found.

    Wonder if you'll have another boy...

  • Hmmm well I'd love a girl! Although I think it will be a boy which I'm also happy with, although I've run out of boys names, was hard enough deciding on the two I have! X

  • Know what you mean. I have 3 boys and naming number 3 was a brainache!


  • Hello I'm Alice I got my Bfp on Tuesday EDD 23rd September, I have two daughters 9 and 13
  • Hi Alijo. Welcome - and congratulations!

    Third time around for you, too!

  • Hi, I'm Rachel, 7 weeks pregnant. EDD 6th sept. First pregnancy. Told my sister (mother of 3) today and she is sooo excited!! I'm so tired and nauseous a all of the time image
  • I have no sickness! Boobs hurt on n off! Very tired, don't matter how early or late I go to bed I wake a million times a night!!! X

  • Hi I'm Michelle, I'm 4 weeks and 1 day (the 1 days really counts lol) I should be due 26th September and I have 2 children already, a boy 13 and girl who is nearly 4
  • Hi,

    I am Angela and I am 6 weeks exactly and my EDD is 13/9/14.  It will be my first and we were ttc for 6 months.  I have my first midwife appointment on Wednesday so very excited and nervous at the same time.

    I am also very tired....I have an hour 'nap' most nights and also got tender boobs still and I am getting quite a few blue veins on them now.  Feeling a bit nauseous on and off but nothing major at the moment.

    Nice to meet you all xx


  • Ooooh, lots of new people!

    Welcome to Shelley1981: another 3rd baby - we should start a 3rd baby club!.

    And a big welcome,too, to AngWass2 and BabyJ-1. Hope that nausea starts to wear off soon.

    You may find reading this article about morning sickness useful. Also, if the Due in July club's experiences are anything to go by, arrowroot biscuits seem to help.

  • Hi guys, literally just got my bfp and dying to share with someone!  My folks have just been over for coffee and I couldn't say anything as really want to tell oh first as soon as he gets in from work at 6.30!!!!!  So hard keeping it to myself :-\   This will be my second, dd1 is 3 in April.  I think my edd is around 25th Sep.   Taken 6 months this time, 10 months with my dd x

  • Hi ladies, I got my BFP this morning (1-2 weeks on CB) 

    I have a 10 year old boy but this will be my first with my hubby. been ttc for 2 1/2 years and sadly had a mmc last April so feeling a bit apprehensive!! but very happy image

  • Welcome offbeatrunner and carioke. Lovely to have you posting here. image

  • Hi I am Buns,

    I am due on the 8th September, I have a previous medical condition which Dr. said might mean there is a higher chance of me loosing the baby once it gets larger, or it might cause huge complications for me as baby grows but I am a bit of an oddball case and no one really know what to expect so just playing it by ear really.

    On the good side I should get lots of scans so plenty of chances to see baby.

    Due to the high risk only my husband and I know, but I can't wait to tell everyone.

    It's my first pregnancy and due to the risk I would think I would only have the one baby so hopefully my last so very nervous, excited and totally  image although I have found out today that wheatabix is the food I crave!!

    Hello to all my fellow September Mum's to be *wave*


  • Hello ladies,

    I am Judy and I am 6w + 4 today. This is my second pregnancy, first baby thou as I had a missed miscarriage in April 2013. Experienced infertility issues and was meant to start IVF on 6th January. Got my BFP on New Years day - massive surprise and a fantastic start to the year.I should be due on 11th or 12th September.

    Good luck to everyone xx

  • Congratulations Judy!!

    I got mine on new years eve, eve, at night after something clicked in my head and just made me so very sure I was pregnant and I then just couldn't wait to test.

    Fingers crossed that we all have super sticky beans!!



  • Hello bunz - and welcome. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that that baby of yours easily outruns the odds on the growth front.

    And welcome, too, sweetjudy21. I remember your name from the TTC boards. It's wonderful to hear you've had a BFP! That's made my day!

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