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Faint positive



  • I did another one literally two minutes ago image no idea If I am or not 

  • and congratulations that's great news. I'm not sure if mine are ahowinf positive or just not. But I've done all three of them now. Maybe I should get a digital one in a few days 

  • Mine were like that for few days huni so like me do a digital one, I'm not actually due af till this tue but I don't think you can get a false answer with a digital 

  • Harri92, looks like a positive to me

  • A line is a line Harri. That test looks positive.

  • Took a clear blue 2-3 weeks pregnant first midwife appointment on November 7th. thanks guys 

  • Hello, I've been looking at all of your tests and wondering the same myself! I've taken 5 tests (strips) and there is a verrry faint line. I'm 12dpo, do you think I should let myself get excited..??image

  • Yes I would say postive congratulations x

  • Looks like a positive that's what I did then took a digital once and it came back positive. Congrats 

  • Hi Katywoo, please do come and check out our Due in June 2017 thread, when you're ready! 

  • thanks girls :) had some cramping and brown discharge today (period due day) which has worried me no end so am just about to go to my gp :(

  • imageimageimage Please help the first one was taken yesterday and the other two were this mornig. do they look like faint positives to you Guys? 

  • Here are mine and u can see they have got stronger as I'm futher on imageimageimageimage 

    all of these apart from the last one were took on and around 1st of October  the very last pic with very strong two lines took today (6+2 weekS) so don't worry if the lines are not strong enough to see yet manimull xx

  • Thank you so much, But do you personally see the Lines? In your opinion do you think I am pregnant? Hayley2004

  • Manimull, I can see a line in your first pic, but not on the other two. But might be the image quality

  • Thank you so much! I'll just keep on testing! faith2u

  • Keep testing xx

  • Hello not sure if anyones still following this thread but could really use a second set of eyes i can definitely see a second line and it came up straight away i am still 8/9 days before af. The picture isnt as clear as i can see it. Xximage

  • imageimageAre these evap or positive so confused😴xx

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