The naming question!

Grrrr how annoying is it when you can't agree on a name. I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and really wanted to choose a name by the time I have my scan (10th Dec) cos we're definitely finding out the sex! We bought a baby name book at the weekend but it's just incensed my oh's desire for ridiculous names.

We decided on a boys name ages ago that we both love but can't agree on a girls. I like ordinary names and some of my choices would be...Kate, Rosanna, Hannah, Leah, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Imogen, Rhianna, Leah, Jennifer, Charlotte, Jasmine...I love all those names and loads more too but my oh likes ridiculous names like Athena!!!!! And basically any name that would sound ridiculous being called out in the school playground.

This baby is going to be a girl just to annoy me :x


  • i love all those names theyr lovely, especially rebecca and kate, i like katie. we are having a boy, and have agreed onleo, but like you tiger lilly oh is insisting that his actual name is leonardo... why do they like ridiculous names??? not sure about athena.. do like bethany tho. dogstar i like shona, thats different. i agree with cringeing at names, in my nurseryt's preschool there is a corey taylor and a dylan corey taylor..... (rock band-slipknot's lead singer..cringe!!)
  • Yeah I agree with u about traditional names. They're so much nicer! I don't want my kid to be bullied at school or to have the confusion of 'how do you spell that' throughout it's life. I'm called Philippa and I've had to put up with it 'is that 2 p's or one?' GRRR!
    Oh says he's gonna run off to register the birth and choose the name while I'm still in hospital recovering! x x x
  • We've chosen Brendan Markus (after my oh's Grandad) for our lo as we found out at the 20 week scan its a boy. If it was a girl we were going to call her Sophia Nicole.

    Make sure you check out what the initials will spell as I went to school with a girl whose initials were M.A.D - was even worse as her birthday was the 1st April!! x
  • me and my boyfriend cant agree on any names its terrible, what i like he dusnt ,and what he likes i dont lol.

  • I'm 34+4 wks and we cant decide on a name for our little boy....trouble is I am/was (until i had my 2 yr old) a secondary school teacher and many of the names that oh comes up with reminds me of some snotty little kid in bottom set yr 9 (or similar)!! I'm also the youngest of 7 and my bros and sisters have used up many of the good names on their kids already! OH isn't worried tho - he says we have until the lo is 6wks old before we have to name him - I really don't want to wait that long!

    Good luck to you all x
  • if we have a lil girl we're calling her Alannah Jade and the lil boy John James i decided the girls when i was about 14 the boy's name are our 2 dad's names image we have Janine Monica incase we have 2 girls but stuck on the 2nd boy name lol we're thnking any eventuallity!
  • My oh is the same as some of yours, he wanted to call our lo Valentino (after Valentino Rossi, moto gp) and our surname is Roberts. Can you imagine calling for Val across the playground. We ended up calling him Joe.

    This one is going to be Ollie for a boy but no names for a girl just yet.

    Sara 25 +1
  • Hi

    I'm not a big fan of traditional names but I also cannot stand the trend of made-up names and the just plain bizzare.

    My son is called Spencer Drew. Spencer after my hubby grandad and Drew was my maiden name. I like that his name has special meaning for both of us.

    I'm already planning names for the next one! If we have a boy I like Riley or Carson with either John or George as middle names. If we have a girl I like Arianna Violet, Arianna mean dawn in Welsh, hubby & I both have Welsh heritage and Violet is my mum's middle name.

    It is so hard chosing something for someone else that they have to put up with for life!

    Good luck x
  • Well, our plan is too choose 2 names we like and see when the baby is here which one suits the best! We have the girls names, which are, lola-grace and coco-grace! But have no boys names yet, theyre really hard to come up with, i dont think theresreally much choice for boys! My o/h likes the original ones like thomas and jack but im not fussed, id like something a bit more different!
  • well my oh and i can agrre ona boys name rheuben but girls names are a problem i like katie but he doesnt think its gonna be a battle lol

  • Ladygwen: Yes we have gone through all the names i dont really mind casey but i wouldnt tell him that.

    Take care
  • katie is simple but pretty i like katie. I loved Zachary Lucas for a boy but my OH hated them so we settle for John James
  • we never agreed on a girls name so its a good job we had a boy jospeh thomas (my hubby dad joseph and my dad/2 grandads thomas) but what the hell we will name another boy i dont know we did like jayden and mikey but hubby now gone off these and the ONLY girls name we agree on is imogen anne. and we havent even conceived yet! xxx
  • hi i am having a boy and really finding it hard me and OH agreed on Bradley but he has left me now i wasnt 100% on bradley do u think it would be spitefull to change it to 1 i like?
  • lauraxxsxx I personally would choose a name that I like and I dont think its spiteful!
  • not spiteful because you don't really like it and if you have completely fallen out do you want your son to remind you fo this failed relationship? We've chosen the names but if it doesn't suit then we'll have to find a new one image MySIL has just had a lil boy but he has no name as they couldn't decide on one bless them. nice healthy 12hr labour on only gas and air and no tears! 7lb 6ozs image hoping to visit them at weekend (if car's fixed)
  • We are having problems deciding on names too. Dont know what the sex is so have to decide both. I like Eve, Eva or Ava for a girl but I also want my sister's name as a middle name (she died 9 years ago) which is Lynne but putting them together sounds like Evil-Lynne, lol. Might have to re-think the first name.

  • We can think of lots of names for girls but not boys. Slightly off topic but what aew the worst names you have heard?
    I have hears of boys being called 'Beckham' and 'Blade'....just personal choice but I think they are awful and show a bit of slfishness on parents' behalf - or am I being a snob?
  • Wow thanks everyone for all your advice there were some great names in there lol I love Arianna whoever said that one.

    I really want Jennifer Jade or Rhianna Nicole but I would settle for anythin fairly normal! I also love Kate, I think its a really strong name!

    For a boy we're decided on Gabriel that was easy but what about girl?!?!! x x x
  • We are having the same nightmare agreeing and I am almost 32 weeks. I like Mia and Maisy and my oh likes Molly and Heidi.

    To Laura- DO NOT go with a name to please ANYONE else. I called my son Brandon as chosen by his father and I wasn't fussed at the time and I still don't like it six years later. As someone else said it DOES remind you of that person too.
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