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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Wonderful news Billy. Massive congrats. Wishing you a happy and healthy nine months. This is so lovely  :*
  • Aww ladies thank you so much! I still can’t believe it! I thought I was in it for the long run!! 9 months in the making and 6 since my mc! Let’s hope this one is nice and cozy where it is and is not going anywhere else! I’ll wait a good week before I go to the doctor though, just to be sure! 
    Flowers, I know it’ll happen for you soon!! I’ll keep rooting for you!! Xx 
  • Honestly billy seeing your bfp has made me calm down so much and made me realise it will happen again I just got to be patient! So happy for you tho and hope this one sticks and in 9 months you’ll have a healthy little baby❤️❤️
  • Flowers it’ll certainly happen again!! I guess our bodies needed more time to heal and prepare for a new pregnancy!! To be honest, this cycle I felt like giving up, I gave up on everything: special herbal teas, Brazil nuts, even the prenatal vitamins, and dh went on a tropical vacations and came back so relaxed before o-day! We were both more relaxed in the first half of the cycle! And that must’ve helped! Also last week I ate almost an entire pineapple .. which is suppose to help with implantation I later read! So that could’ve helped too!! 
  • Amazing news Billy. Gives us a hope that it'll happen soon for us .xx

    Hope Evi is good today xx
  • Delighted for u! How did oh take it? I’m sure he’s over the moon! My oh was home last night so we dtd, I had a lot of ewcm yesterday but only really noticed it after going to the toilet. Today is cd13 and according to app my fertile period starts tomorrow. Trying to not over tho k this month until we get test results etc out of the way. 
  • GiegieGiegie Regular
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    Morning ladies, 
    Billy, I trust that you are getting on fine. Do take care and keep us updated. 
    Trying, is AF here yet?
    🤞🤞  for us all in our current or next cycle.
    CD8 and just chilling 😊
  • Hey girlies! 
    Billy still over the moon for you hope all is well! Xxx

    same here giegie I’m cd 11 and chilling out I’ve not really thought about ttc so far, I’m not forcing oh to dtd! Seeing Billy’s bfp has made me relax so much and I just need to be patient and it will happen xxx

    hooe everhone else is well xxx
  • Hey Billy hope all is well with you hunni xxx

    Flowers nice to hear that you are relaxed this cycle hunni xxx

    Giegie no AF as yet, the last day I had any ewcm and ovulation pain was 22nd March so guessing I am 9/10 days past ovulation BUT I don't have any new symptoms at all to suggest she will be here this weekend the ones I have had (1) watery/creamy discharge (2) bloated and (3) hormonal I have had on and off since the D&C so don't think I can count them in normally I would have some new symptoms by now feeling bit frustrated tbh xxx Hope all is well with you hunni and everyone else xxx 
  • Trying the waiting game for af is the worse! Hope it won’t keep you waiting too long xx

    Flowers, glad you were able to relax and take it easy so far, it can really do the trick for when o-day comes around :)

    I am 3 days pass my af and every time I feel a cramp I get so nervous and check for blood! Last time I had very bad back cramps before I lost it at 5 weeks. I’m pretty nervous and hold off calling my doctor until next week! But so far all the cramps are mild and short lived. 
  • Hello ladies,

    Hope you are all well 😊 

    Giegie are you doing IUI this cycle? Hope you are managing to get lots of relaxing time in. 

    Flowers hope you are well too, hope you are also getting some much needed chill time in. 

    Trying hope you are holding up alright, have my fingers crossed that you get your rainbow baby very soon. 

    Genebella hope your dh test goes well. FC you catch this month .

  • Hey guys just checking in hope you are all well? Xxx

    Today I think I have had my first pms symptom....mild cramps and my boobs are sensitive I'd say but not sore yet xxxx
  • Massive congratulations @billythekitty we are over the moon for you. If or when you're ready, we have a Due in December 2019 birth club
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  • Hi Trying,

    Do you have an estimate when AF due? Hoping she stays away .

    I'm good CD1 for me so getting back on the TTC wagon this month. Going to continue relaxed approach and hope that it works 😊
  • Hey sas glad your really relaxed hope it helps 😁 xxx

    Think I'm about 10/11 dpo and due on saturday/Sunday obviously I'm not as sure as normal but my ewcm and ovulation type pains stopped on the 22nd of March so fingers crossed I'm right xxx 
  • Sorry that should have been 23rd as last day of them was 22nd xxx
  • Hi ladies, 
    Sas- we now have funds for our ivf, so we decided against IUI. It's been kind of a yoyo with us, hoping that we conceive naturally. Biting the gun this time. Hoping to restart consultation by the end of the month. Famous last words🙁
    Enjoy your relaxed cycle hun.
  • Glad ur all feeling ok ladies. Geige best of luck with getting started on ivf. A very close friend of mine did her first round in Feb, and had told me she is pregnant! It worked first time around and she only had one egg to implant. Positive vibes and thoughts. She also had acupuncture which is meant o be great for helping with fertility treatments 
  • Good luck with the ivf giegie hunni hope all goes well 😁 xxx 
  • I’m cd17 today. Cm very creamy and lotiony. Had ewcm last week cd 12/13) so think I ovulated last weekend. Dtd cd 12 and 14 then hubby having to abstain for his sperm analysis this coming Friday. Hoping we did enough but not stressing about it 
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