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Pregnant again after 2 miscarriages - and terrified!

Hi everyone,

Just worrying and needing reassurance really -

I miscarried naturally in August 09, and then fell pregnant again, and miscarried again in October (ERPC that time).

I am now pregnant again and absolutly terrified we are going to lose this baby too image

Just wondered if anyone else is in a similar situation??

I'm not exactly sure of dates cos period after ERPC was very early and light, and then got really heavy (sorry for TMI!) but I'm 5 weeks now (from start of LMP).

Also not sure whether to make an appointment at the docs yet and has anyone had an early scan after 2 miscarriages?



  • Hi hun - congrats on your BFP, it's totally uinderstandable to be scared after what we've been through. I have also had 2 MC;s (a chemical pregnancy in June and an early MC in Sept) I'm now 13+3 and everything is looking good.

    As I'd been to the EPU when I was miscarrying last time I was told to contact them when I found out I was pregnant again and not bother with GP. However after my early scan - at 7 weeks - the midwife asked if I'd been to the doctor yet image If I were you I would contact your GP and see if he / she can get you an early scan. Good luck and sticky dust xx
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  • Hi there

    Just wanted to come and give you a little hope - I have 3 mc's in a row but have just given birth to my beautiful daughter, Olyvia, 2 weeks ago! :\)

    I know it is so difficult to stay positive at times but lots of people have 2 mc's in a row and go on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby the next time - hence why they won't even investiagte until you've had 3 in a row with the same partner.

    Good luck and I really hope all goes well for you this time :\)

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

  • Hi Littlemiss magic

    Congrats on your BFP! Iike all the girls on here I have also been extremely paranoid this time around after an early loss and then a MMC, wish I could say the worrying gets better. But like DM says it may be worth seeing if your doc can organise some early scans to help give you some reassurance, really hope this is a super super sticky bean for you this time

    Love Luc xxx
  • Thanks for all your messages!

    I have booked an appointment to see doc next Monday so will hopefully be able to get an early scan!

    Thanks again!
  • Hope your doctors appointment goes well and you get an early scan soon xx
  • hi littlemissmagic,
    i just wanted to reply and say i have had 3 mcs and am now pregnant again, still only early, 5+6. I have a scan booked for monday and have already started my hcg injections. So far i have no symptoms, which is worrying me, especially as i'm having hormone injections.
    I am so scared about my scan on monday. I don't know how i'll cope if there's no heartbeat. I'm in a bit of a mess at the moment to be honest. I'm really panicking.
    Anyway this is not really helping you! Just wanted you to know you're not alone, i (and lots of other girls on here) know how devastating it is to have mcs and not know why, and then be terrified when you fall pregnant again that something awful will happen. But i'm sure we'll both be fine this time around.
    Good luck for monday, hopefully you'll get an early scan to put your mind at ease x
  • Congratulations on your BFP. I completely understand how you feel. I had 2 mcs last year, the last one in September and am 10+5 today. I have had 2 early scans because I had some spotting. I know that my last GP surgery would have sent me for an early scan regardless but I moved a couple of weeks before I got my BFP and the new one didn't want to give me one I'm not sure how much of that was because they didn't have my old notes etc though. I think if you explain how worried you are you should be able to get one though.

    I hope everything goes well with your GP appointment and you get your scan, xxx
  • Hope it goes well on Monday

    love Luc xxx
  • I havent had 2 mc, but i did have 1 very badly managed ectopic which was horrendous, and very frightening.

    I am now feeling the same as you, only about 4 weeks, and so scared about the whole thing. I am off to the loo every 5 minutes to check knickers and i dont have any symps. (Which i know can be pefectly normal but was the same lfor me last time ast time because of low HCG). I have done another CBD today when accroding to my dates i should be over 4 weeks now, but it still only said 1-2 weeks, as in 3- 4. It should be saying 4 -5! I am hoping that it is out and that i ov later than i think i did but it hard to stay postive.

    I of course am thrilled to have gotton a bfp after 18 months but it is sad that my freinds who had successful first pregnancys spent this first few months excited and looking forward to the future. I dont feel i can allow myself that. Its as though i am mentally trying to prepare for antyhing bad happening.

    I know others must have felt this way and went on to have successful pregnancys but its so hard.

    So pleased this board exisits as it would be very hard to others to understand im sure.

    Good luck with getting your scan, i think they should offer you one if you explain.

    Gem x

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