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Bad nappy rash

My boy has been having dodgy nappies i think due to his teeth but now he has really bad nappy rash to a point where to even touch it hes in tears and its breaking my heart :cry: Ive been using sudocrem but i think its c rap! cananyone think of any betetr creams, lotions or potions ill try ANYTHING!


  • iv always rated sudocrem so im suprised its not worked for him. Fresh air!! let the air get to his bum. Bepanthen is a good 1 too!! bless him. Hope it clears up soon! xxx
  • I've always used bepanthen too and no complaints at all.

    Hope LO feels better soon and not so sore!

  • if he has really bad nappy rash take him doctors and they will give u some cream i did that with my daughter and the cream is free.

  • i'm with Elaine that i think sudocrem is great - if that or bepanthenem or one that begins with M (help me out here girls!!) it could be worth a trip to drs, as he could have underlying thrush and need a prescription too.
  • I think if its no better or even worse tomorrow I will take him to the doctors..thanks girls
  • Hope doctor can help you...have to say that I find sudocrem and bepanthem to be pretty rubbish, my daughter had really awful nappy rash when little and the only thing I found that helped (and the only thing I bother to use on Braedon now) is Metanium. Is brilliant!
  • metanium is like magic cream and was the only thing that would clear harris up and it took about a day to get better, i was amazed! xx
  • Kamillosan is great for soothing nappy rash, also you can use an anti fungal cream like canesten which you can get from your dr or over the counter that usually clears it up pretty quick. x
  • thanks girls so many choices!! lol
  • Hi, no one has mention Zinco spray so I will! I think this is good (but pricey & sometimes the spray isn't as good as you think so you still get your fingers messy!)
    I've also used Bepanthen, Metanium & Sudocrem...I like Bepanthen, Metanium works but it's yellow & you really have to scrub your hands to get the stuff off, Sudocrem is not my fav - my mum swears by it but it has never helped clear my LO's bum.

    Are you using disposable nappies? if so could it be a reaction to the brand of nappy - my sisters kids react to different brands & she mainly used washables because of this.
    Also, is your little one being weaned? Could be reacting to a food - like fruit acids.
    What are you cleaning his bum with? stop using bb wipes & use cotton wool or cloths with plain water.

    I hope it clears up soon as there is nothing worse than cleaning a sore bottom & seeing them cry, it breaks my heart when it happens to my LO.

  • the doc may perscribe aqueous cream (sp?) i dont know about any1 else but this made Js bum even worse so I never tried it with the other 2. Hope it starts to clear up soon xx
  • i think metanium is fantastic its like war paint but it really works hope it clears up soon.
  • Thanks all..

    He does wear dispoable nappies but I havent tried a new brand recently.. hes not being weaned hes been fully established on food now for months and eats very well. I will definately start usiong cotton wool and water whilst its like this

    Luckily the rash is slightly better today..better to a point where he doesnt cry when im wiping him so im very pleased with that but will go out and buy some of the above today. Thanks all image
  • Morgana gets horrendous nappy rash when she is teething - I use Metanium for her, even after just one application her little bottom looks better.
  • Hi Sam, i have always let Ellies bum have the air for at least half an hour a day but Jayden has a little extra thingie than Ellie which could piddle everywhere! LOL As you know im a nurse and sudo is a load of crap, it dosnt work and at best really just moisturises the skin. You could try zinc and castor oil but again the only realy cure for nappy rash is freah air and changing his bum every hour or so untill it clears up. xxx
  • Egg white although I have not needed to try this I have heard this from a few people so might be worth a go if gets really bad again, poor wee man.

  • You've prob had enough advice to get it sorted but when my lo was sore (reaction to zinco even though they say it's best for sensitive skin) and I found very regular nappy changes, using cotton wool and water and fresh air did the trick!! i have to say I used sudocrem but I think it was the combination of things that solved it!
  • I tried to buy metanium today but couldnt find it anywhere!! Wasnt very impressed so have bought bepanthen in the hope that works!! Fingers crossed!
  • My son has had bad nappy rash, bleeding and crying etc. Struggled to get it to clear until........I started wiping his bum with baby lotion and cotton wool. Just a small drop on a few cotton wool pads and now when he does get a bit red it clears up straight away and doesn't get as bad. I also use sudocrem. I have been so impressed. It is also a lot cheaper as I can get 200 cotton wool pads for 80p from tesco and use tesco own brand baby lotion which is less than a pound and lasts for ages. I found it more convenient than using water and less wet! I thoroughly recommend it. Try it for a few weeks and see if you get any improvement.

  • I also use metanium for my daughter and did for my son. It is the best thing i've used. The only down side is its got the colour of newborn poo lol and i sometimes end up changing a fully clean nappy because i've pulled it to one side and thought she'd pood and its just been the cream. lol

    Lisa xxx



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