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Question about bbt

hey ladies,

Havent been on in while been so busy.

So i've started doing my my temps every morning. how high does it go when you ovulate?

and is anyone using fertility friend? if so does the dot turn white when your ovulating..

im a little confused xx :\?


  • Hi pet, the temperature range depends from one person to the next, after you've recorded a couple of cycles ff can usually predict a bit more accurately for you.

    The white dot means that you've taken your temperature a bit earlier or later in the day than usual.

    OV is usually marked on after the event, so after you've had a temperature dip and then a couple of days of raised temperatures it will mark OV with cross hairs on your chart. Here's a link to my home page pet, if you look at my charts for last month and the month before you'll see how OV is marked.

    All the white dots last month are where I took my temp later than normal cos I was off work for Christmas and wasn't going to set my alarm for 6am just to take my temperature! :lol:

    Hope this helps you out a bit! Good luck! xx
  • I see... Thanks so much for your help, i understand now lol
  • Hope you don't mind Mrs Robertson, I've added you as a FF friend (don't know what that does mind lol) Do you test orally? My temps fluctuate sooo much, my temp dropped a whole degree this morning, I'm thinking it's because I couldn't breath properly as my nose was blocked so I must have accidentally opened my mouth a bit to get some oxygen in!!
  • mine went up yesterday and is staying up atm
  • No problem YM! I'm not sure what it does either! I usually test orally but I do tend to have quite jagged charts. Not sure hubby could cope with seeing me take my temperature in my foof every morning!! He still hasn't gotten over walking in on me inserting my mooncup! (Serves the bugger right for just barging into the bathroom!)
    Miss88, I reckon if you enter your temp tomorrow and it's still elevated, ff will plot OV as the last day before the temp rise. xx
  • No mine neither he won't even say the word tampon, it has to be called lady things lol!! I didn't know if you could move to the bathroom to check your temp if you were doing it the other way or if you had to stay in bed?!

    I'm really tempted with a mooncup, a work friend bought a leaflet in about them today!!
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