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my birth story :) reposted hypnobirthing??

hi everyone i really wanted to write this all down as i was really freaking out about giving birth so i just wanted to share my labour and birth with everyone as it wasnt at all what i thought it wud be..
my waters broke on the thursday night although i wast sure if they had or not so i went to the midwives on friday (when i was due for a sweep) and they did a check which we found out they had broken....nothing happend (i was so annoyed i went to the county gamefair!i think the 3hr walk round shopping started me off!) so i was booked in to be induced on the monday morning at 9am.
sunday night me and partner had a lovely chinese and went to bed. i didnt really pay much attention to the slight period pains i was having and just put them down to braxton hicks. by 4am i calld the hospital as i was having full blown contractions. they told me to wait until i was sure i couldnt stay at home anymore. so i tried to go back to bed.i dont think my brain actually registerd what was going on i was so stuck in my own little zone. it was so strange i didnt want my partner to speak or touch me! i just wantd to be in the bedroom in the dark lol!
once i stopped fighting the contractions and just rode then out i felt so much better even though it felt as though i kept weeing myself! i didnt realize it was blood until i felt the urge to go to the loo, the blood did scare me and my partner took that as enough sign to get moving to hospital. By this time it was 9am. i really should mention my partner manages a ford garage so he had a sporty little mazda x5 (about 1ft off the floor!) the plan was we would swap it on the way to hospital when i was being induced so he could have his last day with it before he swapped it for his company 'family car!'
so there i was, even though i dont really remember how i got in the bloody thing, having contractions and bleeding all over his lovely leather seats mind you a 40min drive to hospital took about 2mins!
we got to hospital about 9.20am i remember a lovely midwife greeting me in the labour ward were i told her i was in labour and she was half way through saying 'are you sure' when i had a huge contraction. i was put in a wheelchair a wisked into a delivey room.
i dont really remember much as i was so far into the little zone of mine but it was very chilled out atmosphere. there was just me my other half and one midwife. i was 9cm dialated by 10am so she told me i could push if i felt ready, which i was more then ready to! i really listened to the midwife and my body with the pushing and i had no pain at all just a load of pressure. i didnt even realised babys head was out! waiting for the last contraction seeming to take forever it was quite funny we just all looked at each other waiting! my baby boy was born bang on 12 even to the second. just in time for lunch image
the midwifes all thought i was strange how quite and relaxed i seemd all the way through even more so i askd if the injection to get the placenta out was going to hurt...she had to remind me i just had a baby and i little needle was nothing haha
i didnt have a tear or stitches and was up and about after my shower when my mom came and asked about everything only then i realized i had no pain relief!
just wanted to share that with you as it was nothing like i thought it would be! and hopfully that helps anyone who was dreading it as much as i was! image xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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