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table top sale

I think it's a great idea Boo!!
We've just sent all ethans old clothes to a charity shop today as i really couldn't be bothered to ebay it and an nct sale needs quite a lot of organisation!

I hope it goes well and you enjoy the change!
Let us know how it goes xx


  • Sounds good Boo, Hope you sell lots, let us know how it goes. We have a little used shop near us, they only go up to size 10 Children but they are fussy about what they take so it's all good nothing tatty. The same with toys, they have made a good business out of it.
  • That's a great idea. Both my two got through so many clothes in the first 18 months. Charl has moved into size 2-3 already so i've had to go shopping for her again. It's great if they can be recycled and you have some money to replace them. Hope it goes well.
  • Hope u sell well hun

  • ooohh,
    i love that type of thing, im sure you'll do just fine.
    Have a lovely day and enjoy yourself!!
    Kas xx
  • Sorry it didn't go better but sounds like you did well out of it.
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