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Got my c-sec tomorrow

im so nervous even though this is my second planned section.

I can't wait to meet my little man now and am excited, nervous and lots of other emotions. Less than 24 hours now and I'll be a mummy to 2.

Just wanted to share my excitement with you all.


  • good luck hope all goes wel, i remember them nerves when i was going for my 2nd section first was emergency 2nd planned!
    good luck and just think hopefully this time tomorrow you will have your little man!!!
    sam 36weeks today!!
  • ooooh good luck honey x
  • Good luck and best wishes for tomorrow. Hope you manage to get a bit of rest tonight xxx
  • Thanks ladies, I forgot I posted this, lol

    My little man is 10 days old today and he was 8lb6oz born on 12th Jan. He was born by forceps as he was lying obliquie and they couldn't get him out.

    All went well, I had a spinal and they did end up numbing me upto T2 which was a bit scary as my breathing went a bit funny but thankfully we all came through it with no problems.

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