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Tummy Time

I am a first time mum and have been hearing about tummy time and the midwives and health visitors have ben giving me leaflets but no one has said when you are supposed to start this!

My LO is 2 weeks old should I have started by now? I have been thinking this is too young, but maybe I am wrong.

Unfortunately my health visitor is a bit useless so I am turning to you ladies.

Thank you

Joanna and Emilia


  • i wld wait fior ur lo to have a bit more head control yet, or they'll be face downon the floor lol, but u cld start trying for the odd 5 mionutes in the next week or so, but most babies don't actually like tummy time for any length of time (ds wld go about 2mins) until they're closer to twelve weeks. hth xx
  • My LO hated tummy time and just yelled and headbutted the floor until she was about 10 weeks.

    But she was very nosy and when i held her on my shoulder she would have a good look around. She did this literally from a couple of days old and I always figured this was just as good for her neck.

    She is n ow 5 months and her head control is fine, still not keen on tummy time though lol
  • My lo hated it at first, but from about 6 weeks of age when she began to develop head control I would put her down for about 5 minutes with a rolled up blanket under her armpits so she wasnt headbutting the floor. by 10 weeks she was perfectly happy on her front.
  • Hi Joanna

    Olyvia has been lifting her head up since about 2 weeks old (obviously not holding it up!) and the HV said that we should start giving her tummy time in her play gym as it'll really help strengthen her muscles. I must say I was surprised as I thought it was early but apparently not!

    I would say as long as your lo is on a soft mat and you just start with a couple of minutes then it'll be good for her :\)

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

  • Yes I should add that I had a flat soft doll that I used as a pillow so my baby wasn't literally headbutting the floor image
  • jacob has been trying to lift his head since about 2 weeks, we got all the bumph on tummy time aswell, at the mo the only tummy time he gets is when he is on my chest, he likes to lift his head then, i feel he is too little for proper tummy time but intend to get him on his baby gym in a few weeks x
  • You can start right away! Pathways Awareness offers great resources and advice on Tummy Time for newborns. Visit the website at to learn how to make sure your LO is a Tummy Time pro! The website also offers great resources for new parents, like a developmental calendar that will automatically adjust to your baby's age to provide up to date suggestions for activities to do with your baby as well as helpful information to make sure your new baby is developing on time. Find this handy tool here:
  • Hi there

    Daisy-Mae had tummy time almost from day 1 I think. She was certainly spending a good amount of time on her tummy from two weeks ish.

    It's a brilliant thing! Daisy could hold her head up early, was crawling at 6 months, able to stand with support at 8ish months and now at nearly 10 months is cruising brilliantly - I'm sure it's all linked to the strength she developed early on from her tummy time.

    Bad thing for me was she decided to sleep on her tummy as soon as she could roll over (well before 4 months!) which stressed me out no end!

    C x
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.

    Emilia has really good head control, she like to be cuddled facing me and can keep her head quite upright. I tried her with tummy time today but I dont think she was that keen. Will try her again another day though.

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