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baby failing hearing screening test

Has anyone elses baby been unable to pass the hearing screening tests?
My baby, Lizzie, failed the first hearing test where they put the probe in the ear 2 weeks running in one ear the other ear was fine. the hv then done the second test where they put probes on her head,neck and shoulder and sticking headphones over her ears and she failed that one too. We now have an appointment at the hospital to see a consultant to have further tests and I was wondering if anyone else would share their experiences. the HV seems to think Lizzie will befine but was unable to offer any reason as to why her hearing in one ear passes the test but the other ear doesn't!


  • easier said than done but please try not to worry my ds (now 5) failed his first test in both ears but then passed the 2nd. Most of the time these things are something really easy to fix, even if there is a problem, a blockage of wax, or a wee bit of mucus can be the cause, the fact as well that the other ear is totally fine is very reassuring and the fact that your mw is not worried I would try not to as well xx
  • Im not overly worried as there are high chances her hearing will be fine its 1 in 25 babies who have a hearing loss after failing both hearing tests. I am wondering what the hospital tests involve, thankfully I am finding it hard to find information online (which hopefully means not many people have had to go through these extra tests) so I am going to ring the hospital on monday and ask them to give me a bit of infomation about whats involved and how long we can expect to be there.
    thank you for your reply image
  • hi hun, my lil man failed all of his tests and is profoundly deaf. He is now 18 months old and has just been fitted with cochlear implants.

    If you want any advice on the tests little one will be recieving at the hospital i am always about. sorry this is a short one but just wanted to say good luck and a lot of the time they do fail due to blockages and also possile glue ear from a young age. There are also so many different forms of hearing.

  • hi hun just to say my dd failed her 1st hearing test then only passed the 2nd one in one ear but they said that was fine and that a baby wont pass in one ear if they were deaf??!! anyhoo were 12 months on (almost)and there is definatly nothing wrong with her hearing ...hth xx
  • Hi if you are around on here, could you tell me what tests were involved in your little boys hearing tests?
    My little girl has had 2 OAE tests (small probe put into ear) left ear has clear response but no response in right ear either time and also had AABR test (electrodes on head,shoulder and neck,sticky headphones) and no response in right ear on that test either so have been referred to audiology.
    I hope your little boy is benefiting from the implants and thank you for your help x
  • like your little girl he had 2 OAE tests and then the ABR test, after failing these in both ears we had to visit s georges hospital and he had 2 tests one of which lasted around an hour and you either have toi keep baby asleep or still which wasnt that easy for us, our monster would never settle. The test itself is the ABR just longer with a lot more advanced equipment baby will have sensors attatched in various places from what i remember was aon the head and back of the neck and behind the ears. They then put probes into ears and do all the recordings, they may repeat this a few times on the day. The other test is around 5 minutes and is another test with probes in the ear. One tests the inner ear and and the other tests the canals so that they can tell where the problem is if there is one. We was told most people that have these tests are sent home with absolutely no problems with their ears. The second test is called the Tympanometry.

    We were told the results within 10 minutes of all tests being completed. Its good that she has already passed on one ear as it is a positive sign for the other ear but unfortunately deafness can sometimes affect just one ear.

    there is a link explaining someof the tests another website which is great for advice is

    That one has done me wonders.

    I hope your little girl has positive responces do you know when she will be attending the hospital and which one will you be under? I know when we were referred after the ABR it did take around 2 weeks for the appointment to come through and then another 10 days after that for the appointment xxxx
  • Hi thank you so much for your reply, its very helpful!
    The hv sent the referal off on the same day she came round to do 2nd tests and I had an appointment letter through 5 days later! her appointment is for Dorchester county hospital in Dorset and is for 3rd feb so 12 days after recieving the letter.
    I am hopefull that her hearing in her non-responsive ear will be fine but its just good to have some knowledge of whats going to happen at the hospital before we get there.
    Thank you again xx
  • Hey hu just been wondering how you got on today?? been thinking of you x
  • Hi

    I am in a very similar position my 6 week old baby isaac failed 2 OAE tests in hospital we then took him for his AABR test on tuesday which we were told he is severe to profoundly deaf in both ears, to say we are devastated is a understatement. I don't think i have stopped crying since, we have to go back for further tests next week but they said it never changes and talked about hearing aids and cochlear implants for later on. ( Not until he is 4 though) which we aren't happy about. 18 months seems much better, how is your little one doing with them?

    Any advice would be greatly recieved, as i am worried he will not develop properly if he never gets to hear.

    Hope your Little girl is ok, i know how ypu feel.
  • Hi, I'm so sorry to hear about your son's hearing screening results. Please try not to worry to much (easier said than done, I know) but I am an audiologist & I think that you should not have been told that his hearing won't change/improve. The AABR is an automated piece of equipment & only screens hearing at a particular volume. When he is seen in audiology (for the ABR) they will be able to introduce the sound at different volumes, to see if he can hear & also to what level. As mentioned in a previous post, this takes more time & can produce much more information. Also, hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors... a problem relating to the cochlea (hearing organ) or associated pathway or it could be a problem with the sound actually reaching the cochlea, such as mucous in the ear canal or fluid behind the ear drum. Even if it is revealed that there is a hearing loss present, there may be something can be done to help. Also, your son would be followed up closely, and (even though I cannot speak for every audiology dept in the country) I can honestly tell you that he would not have to wait until he is 4 yrs to receive help by way of hearing aid etc. If it is found that there is a hearing loss present, you will likely be seen by a consultant soon after, to discuss this & I would expect that if a hearing aid would be beneficial (with your consent) they would arrange for him to be fitted asap.

    Please try to stay positive for now, I know you are worried that there may be a problem, but it is also still possible that he has a temporary problem or even if there is a hearing loss, it may only be to a certain degree rather then profound. You will find out much more at this next appointment & rest assured that everything will be done to help him & support you. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you are there, if you would like the test or results explaining just ask. Finally, please let me know how he gets on.

    Take care xx
  • hi my baby boy has passed in the right ear 2times on his test but left no they told me it could be blocked so i went back a month later n now he falied both ears but still has fluids can someone tell me wats that mean id my baby boy gonna be deaf 

  • My baby failed to o o e tests and 1 a a r b test in both ears what are the chances of my child having hearing loss iv been referred to an audiologist
  • my baby failed her hearing tests and we found out she had modrate hearing loss in both ears, she is now 6 months old and has had hearing aids since about 3 months old. she has been brilliant with them and all the doctors are very pleased with her. we have been under going tests to find out why this has happened but yet to find out. i really wouldnt worry about it pam stork it has changed the way we feel about our daughter she is still perfect to us and we wouldnt change a thing she is doing so well and we are all very pleased with the reasults. ihope this has eased you abit pam as i know how you must be feeling, just remember that they are your baby and you will love them no matter what. x

  • Yeah it won't make a difference to me my other to have had health problems my son had cancer as a baby nearrly died but removed tumer an now his in remission my daughter passwd away due to cdh and now this big thanks for the kind words x
  • my little boy failed his newborn hearing test in the hospital the day after he was born. they tried again a week later and he failed again. it was some mucus in his ears. they said its normal for that to happen after birth. hes 2 nd a half now and had no problems since

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