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Lovely Day!!!

Kas came to visit again today and just like last time, it was fab!!! We really get on great and from all the chatting on PP (and msn)! it's like we're old friends!!

Ethan and Niamh get on just as well causing happy mahem!!!!
I'm afraid we didn't take a single photo, sorry we were too busy nattering!!!!

Kas's girls are both gorgeous and we all had a lot of fun.

Roll on the baby show and we can ALL meet!!!!


  • Hi Tasha and Kas,
    I'm so glad you all had a lovely day. Its great that Niahm and Ethan get on well too.
    I'm looking forward to meeting with Simone and Jessica again in the new year, and meeting everyone at the baby show.
  • I'm so glad you had another great day together. The baby show in May will be great, I wonder if we'll get a discount on tickets?
  • It's fab that you've all had another great day together!!!
    I'm still working on the baby show, i really hope i can come!!
  • So do I Dawn, the more of us that can meet up that day the better it will be.

    Hope you are all ok.

    Zoe xx
  • Hiya,
    thought id best reply. I too had a lovely day. The kids once again had a laugh, played, fought, ate together (kind of), made a mess together, oh, and got naked together (dont ask) , but generally had a fab day.

    Its so weird, i do feel like ive known Tasha for years now. I think i may make myself a little too comfortable in her house!! hehe.

    I really am so looking forward to the baby show now.Cant wait to meet thye rest of you!!

    Thanks again Tasha for a great day (oh, and for clearing up Taras sick!!)

    Kas xxxxx
  • Hi really glad you had another good time meeting up!
    I found it amazing when i met up with Lucy, how much we had to talk about, can't wait till the baby show to meet you all.
    Also looking forward to catching up again with Lucy in the new year xx
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