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when you get a bfp

who will you tell before the 12 weeks?


  • Absolutely no one! Don't want to jinx anything, LOL!
  • just me and hubby
    we've said we're going to tell parents after first scan. whether that works once you find out not sure how will keep excitment contained!!!
  • well i just got my BFP and hubby doesn't wanna tell his paretns until it is a little safer - but i have aleready told my sister cos she is like my best friend and there is no way i would go through it without her. I will tell my parents quite soon aswell. Its just that if anything goes wrong i will need them around me.
    Cos of my job - i will have to tell work a bit before my 12 week scan but gonna leave it as long as i can.
  • I will have to let work know fairly soon as I have to do a lot of lifting at work. I'm hoping by telling my 2 best mates who work there that they will help me out a bit so I can tell the employers as close to 12week scan as poss. The problem is they put you on 'light duties' straight away - so then everyone else knows you are pregnant which I wouldnt want at that early especially when we dont want to tell the parents and inlaws till the 12 week scan.
  • When I got my BFP with Abby, Neil and I decided not to tell anyone until 12 weeks, and at the end of the first day, all our families knew and by 6 weeks some very close friends knew as well as the people I work with, and Neil's boss. we actually "anounced" it to everyone at 10 weeks (at our wedding). For me, although I didn't want to tell anyone - looking back, I am glad I did, I think it would have been way too stressful keeping it from everyone.
  • I think I'll probably tell my sister and my mum and dad within a week or so, maybe sooner. Not sure about oh family - I would let him decide when the time is right. I'd try to put off telling my pals and work as late as possible. I work in an office so not telling the work should not be a problem - might let it slip to my two closest buddies at work though!! lol

    Can't wait to be in the situation where I have to truly consider this stuff! It's soo exciting x
  • I'll tell my mum, dad, sister, oh's parents and maybe my 2 best friends. These are the people I told when I got a BFP back in November and when I miscarried in December I really don't know how I would've coped without their support, yes it was hard telling them we'd lost the baby after how excited they had been but I really couldn't have got through it if it was all still a big secret xx
  • tbh i'm not to sure, i would want to tell everyone because i'd be so excited and if i'd mc people would understand why i'd be so upset, but i'd defo tell my parents and my best friends and my boss who is a really good friend.
  • I'm with Nilo am no good at keeping secrets and if we had a mc people would understand and support me.

    My work mates already know I am trying ha ha as have been broody for over 2 years now and we got married in May so now its like - any news? any news? if I am scoffing I get an odd remark are you sure your not pregnant? but it does my head in at times.

    We have booked a hol for end May so its kinda put people off the scent a bit but I kinda had to let my boss know because I am her deputy and she put everything on me and my job is stressful too so I would want some support.

    I will be the first pg lady to work there as all the others already had kids but there is 2 young lasses that will follow me or end up pg before me, they are both engaged but want to get married first.

    One of the girls I am training up to cover for me but I really do think I am going to be leaving them in the *** getting pregnant as I run the office and not blowing my own trumpet but they cant cope without me!! they have even said and commented they dont know what will happen when I go off on maternity...............tough **** time to put myself first for a change.

  • LOL SD I see your decision to stay off BE for a few days didn't last!!!
  • I know but am bored LOL and my sis has rang me and said she cant go shopping now.

    Am not on for long have just done a SD test again but at first the line went the opposite way?? how odd so am leaving it a few days now for sure just incase.

  • with my son i told EVERYONE the day i found out!! :lol: including my work etc lol

    this time i would like to keep it my wee secret until 12 weeks but in saying that i would like to tell my mum and sister as they know all the details of me ttc :lol: but then if i tell my mum i would have to tell my dad and step mum so maybe just parents. ohs parents (well, his mum) wouldnt be able to keep it a secret from his brothers or my sil's so it would probably get out

  • I think I would be the same fairy-dust! We'll probably tell close family and friends straight away. I'm so bad at keeping secrets and as Nilo said, if something were to go wrong they would probably all find out anyway.
  • oooh not sure about this one. i would want to tell my parents and siblings straight away but hubby wants to keep it at least 2-3 weeks. the problem is i don't quite trust them not to tell their friends thinking it wouldn't matter especially if they don't know me - but these things have a way of getting out and i would hate for friends or work to find out through someone else before i'm ready to tell. think i'd have to be really strict with them and make sure they knew how p***** off i'd be if it got out!
    as for friends i really don't know where we stand on that. would def want to leave it a bit later but not sure if i'll last 3 months! xxx
  • Oooh, it's a tough one! I'd like to tell my parents, but only because my Mum knows we're ttc (my poor step Dad has no idea!), but I am not so keen to tell hubby's parents until after the 12 week scan, not sure why. We'd probably tell our 2 closest friends who are a couple, as they too know we're ttc, but I'd still try to hold off telling them until close to 12 wks, just because our group of friends is very close knit, and I'd be worried about them letting it slip.
    Baby dust to all x x
  • we have decided to wait until 12wk scan when it finally happens as we probably couldnt cope with all the hype before knowing everything is ok. my SIL was gonna be one of the first to know but we had a huge fight so i think it will be parents then siblings then friends then work as i will have to be a bit careful in my job xx
  • with my first we told everyone straight away, i lifted lots at work and had to tell them but this time i want as little people as possible to know before we tell our little girl so i will be keeping it a secret as long as i can. i have a couple of friends i will tell and of course you
  • You guys without question, lol! And mine and hubbys best mates cos they have a little girl xxx
  • ALL OF YOU!!!!

    And then just me and hubby. I will have to tell one of my jobs ASAP as its a lifting,lugging,carrying job. But that will be all.

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