I have spoken to my partner lastnight and we have agreed to start tying to concieve but....

Because i get severe morning sickness and have to be hospitalised i wont be able to spend much time with my 4 year old son. I have lots of family who can help out with school runs and things but im worried about not being there for him

Will he hate me??? OR will he be ok bacuse he really wants a brother or sister.......


  • Hun,

    Of course he won't hate you! I think all mums who are trying for a second or subsequent pregnancy go through these type of worries.

    Pregnancies can be very different from each other-so you might not even get severe morning sickness this time around. I have a friend who suffered terribly with it during her first pregnancy. She also had to be hospitalised on many occasions. Her second pregnancy she still had it but no where near as bad and it was twins!

    When I was pg with my 2nd I had really bad SPD and couldn't really move around much. It was so hard as my son was only 18 months and I couldn't explain to him, with your little boy at least with him being 4 you can explain to him what is going on.

    Everything will be fine hun and giving him a little brother or sister will be a truely wonderful gift,

  • Thanks for the reply ive had 4 pregnancies since my son and lost them due to my sickness each time is supposed to get worse so i really need to plan this time round i just think as hes older he knows more and i dont want to lose the bond ive got with him but i know it will be worth it in the end x
  • Hi KimLou, my sister has had this in the past which I think I replied to you before. Your little one won't hate you at all, he will love his little brother or sister.

    The only thing I would say it to just explain to your little one it's just temporary (if that makes sense). My sister didn't do this and my nephew wasn't great with people being poorly around him, where I'm sure if it was explained he would have been fine.

    Hope this makes sense.

    V xxx
  • thankyou trixy09 that helps xx
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