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FAO Mafia Princess

Hi hun,

How are you?
I remember you being due to test around the same sort of time as me?!
Af is due Sunday but I think i'll crack and test early but trying my best not to!

I don't have any symptoms whatsoever so not too hopeful.

It would be so amazing if we both got our BFP's this month and went into 'due in' together again xx


  • Hi!

    BE keeps eating my replies!! I think af is on her way, i can just feel it -boo hoo!

    Would be so good to go into the same due in again though! I am bagging myself one of your amazing plaques when I get my bean! x x
  • Heehee, thanks hun! I can't believe the response they've had!!

    I'm sorry to hear that image

    I'm 10DPO and tested today... BFN. Getting really fed up now as don't understand why it's not happening image It's not over yet I guess but I don't have any symptoms to get excited about.

    Oh well i've got lots of lovely plaques to make now so that will keep my mind off it! xx
  • I think your little business is a great idea! I'm trying to set up a little photography business too and am thinking of setting up a separate facebook page too.

    I'm 15dpo, got a bfn yesterday but no af yet. When pregnant last time only got a bfp at 16dpo. My boobs have gone so big and achey and a little brown (sorrt tmi) when i wiped yesterday so was expecting af to turn up in the night but nothing ....yet!

    I'm getting a bit sick of it too. My job doesn't help (I'm a family solicitor and do a lot of care work) which is why i'm throwing myself into photography!

    10dpo is still v early so step away from the tests for a few days at least!

    I's love to see your christening plaques as my friend is getting her baby christened in around April but no date set yet.

    Have you thought about wedding plaques as that would be a lovely original gift idea. Or how about childrens storage boxes/money boxes. Google freya designs and you'll see what I mean as I think yours are much better.

    I am a frustrated creative type, can you tell! x x x
  • Oooh photography!! I'm really into that too but by no means professional! I enjoy it though so can see why you do. A facebook page would be great for you. I can't believe the response i've had just from a page. I only posted on here yesterday asking for opinions, I had no idea people would actually want to buy them, and facebook is so easy, I created the group within 10 minutes and now have 17 orders!! Woo! Let me know if you decide to go for it!

    I know 10dpo is still early but I got my last two bfp's at 8dpo. But i'm still very naughty! Big and achey boobs is such a good sign though so i'll keep everything crossed for you.

    I've ordered more wood so hope to have the Christening plaques ready to put on my group by tomorrow night image

    Yes, I had thought of wedding plaques but had noone to make them for. I might make a 'dummy' one for the group so people can see. I would have loved it if someone gave us one when we got married. It's too easy to by a toaster, so it show's you've thought about something like this I guess!

    The Freya Designs website is lovely! I hadn't thought of doing boxes. I'll definately look into it though. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a memory box to put all of Ruby's bits in like, hospital tag, card, first outfit etc so I could just make one myself!! Thank you for the tip! xx

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  • They sell blank boxes there but sure you could get cheaper wholesale and design! You should set up paypal account to make sure you get paid on everything you make. Was an awful post on baby a few weeks ago where someone hadn't paid someone else for a pushchair and all sounded a bit traumatic!

    Is the lettering pen or like a paint? It looks amazing whatever!

    I love photography so much. I've got a pro camera which I love. I just did an album for my friend for a wedding gift and I take a lot of photos of friend's children but is something i'd love to develop.

    Your facebook page is a total hit- 17 orders is absolutely amazing. My nephew's b'day in coming up in May and can never get anything with his name on as spelt strangely so will get in touch with you. I reckon money boxes are a great idea as a christening gift. Th eones on freya you can get them in that style lots of places but I reckon you could do them much nicer.

    AF just arrived - damn! Knew it was so not great surprise. Fingers crossed for you now! x x
  • I will defo look into getting some boxes wholesale. My Dad is a carepenter by trade so could even ask him if he could make some! Woo!

    Paypal is fab and it's how i've done all the orders so far. It's so convenient and the buyer is protected so keeps everyone happy!

    The lettering is 2 different types of pen.

    It's now 23 orders!!! Defo let me know if you want something for your nephews birthday. It's ideal if it's an unusual name or spelling as I imagine it's so hard to get anything with their name on, and all kids love stuff with their name on! Lol!

    I'm so sorry to hear af arrived. I'm really gutted for you. I've had a really sharp pain all day in my (.)(.) but it could be from my new bra! Haha! I'll be so gutted if af shows up as it sounds like hubby will be away on a course for 8 weeks from next week. ARGH!!!!!!! As if it's not hard enough. I might freeze his spermies! Must remember that when i pop a few icecubes out for the diet coke though.

    I'm still addicted to that. I've just switched to caffeine free but still feel naughty x x
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