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O/T Any hairdressers/colourists out there?

Hiya girls,

Im due to have my hair done soon, and im always sooooo indecisive as to what to have done, I normally have a full head of blonde highlights but i wonder whether to go brunette?? All my family say that i suit blonde better but i think this is because when i previously asked to go chocolate brown it ended up really really dark brown, almost black!!

Anyway my question is what would suit me, im fairly pale and to tend to look quite washed out at times and have blue eyes - any suggestions?xx


  • hey hun sorry im not a hairdresser although my best friend is and MIL although that doesnt help u, anyway i was blonde (im quite pale with green eyes) I went dark brown (semi) (would never go perm as it ruins ur hair,semi is much better and shiny) i had a side frindge put in as it would have looked awful without one! then i went red which i really liked but it was still to dark i now want to go back light again as i think it suits me better as my mum says so too! i may go light brown with highlights in then eventually go back blonde (am naturally blonde) what colour r u naturally? i think u always suit the colour u should be best. anyway i just think carfully about going dark, i would say light brown would prob be ok though. u could go red ( it would go bright as ur blonde so wouldnt be dark) this only suits certain people though and red even if perm it fades very quick and u'd need to keep having it done. why dont u go to the hairdressers and look through some colours and see what they think? maybe add some darker highlights first before going darker if u are to see what shade suits u then u can keep adding more? or why dont u keep ur hair colour and have it cut diff?xx
  • hi lisa i am a colour specialist and jsut had quick look at your photos on facebook so i can give you my proffessional opinion lol!!! love the pics when charlie was little when you were a dark chocolate brown with golden highlights and also love your wedding day pics when you were really blonde!! think these colours suit you better rather than mid natural colours if you know what i mean. brown hair wil allways make your eyes stand out more but can be paling on the skin so more make up may be needed. i allways trust friends and familys opinion as they know you best xx love keely
  • thanks girls! think i'll stay blonde for now my natural colour is a really dull, mousey, pooey brown - yuk!!!!! Keely could i just ask - are there any products that will help my hair look glossier, thats one thing that i love about all over colours is that they look soo shiny!!
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