Wow Is this implantation?

I just went to the loo 10 minutes ago and when i wiped i had very light brown discharge, I panicked abit i dont know why lol coz i havent seen anything like this for ages, since last year i think, I sat on the loo for abit to see if i would get anymore and all im getting is clear cm now, just very wet (TMI)
Lol ive got no pantyliners so ive just wrapped abit of loo roll round my knickers lol.

Could it be implantation? Ive been feeling a few niggling pains and cramps today. Im meant to be 2 weeks late (CD 49) so it doesnt really sound right to me having implantation now or am i wrong? Unless i Ov'd later than i thought, I assumed i had it on 26/12/2009 because i felt nauseous all day and i was up all night coz i felt so sick.

Help save me from my blonde moment! lol :lol:


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  • Hmm I think Implantation bleeding is supposed to be around 9 days after ovulation.

    But it could be breakthrough bleeding - I'm getting little bits of brown CM and tiny bits of light red. Not enough to bother anything more than a pantyliner - so I dont think it's AF on her way just yet (wait til I'm skiing with my White Salopettes - then she'll get me lol)

    So in short - don't give up hope! Fertility have a "ask a nurse site which is quite good

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