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can anyone help..a faulty test?

i have had 3 faint bfps and this morning i done this one with fmu. there was nothing there for a good few minutes until a hint of something appeared but i do admit i think i wee'd too much on it, the window was all wet :lol: sorry if tmi haha

what I want to know is, did i wreck the test by weeing too much or is it a bit faulty?

i got a good line on the same test yesterday so I was freaking out when I got this! thanku ladies


  • also i can still see the wee faint line that was there but now all the dye has gone wild im worried its faulty and lines are getting fainter or something

    panic mode!
  • tbh im not sure. ur best bet is to get another test and try again in the morning. i actually found it easier to pee into a tub and dip the test in, that way u get the right bot of the test in the wee and can hold it in there for the right amount of time. good luck and let us know. xxx
  • yeah i do the same. I pee in a pot then dip the test in so that it all goes where it should. I wouldnt worry to much about the line being fainter because obviously some tests are not as sensitive as others and it could be that your pee wasnt as concentrated etc, there could be lots of factors when testing early. I would just test every 48 hours if you are concerned then you will see a significant difference in how dark your test lines are as hcg levels double every 48 hours x
  • yeah i did take another one after this and got another faint bfp (fr). tomorrow will be 48 hours since the first test but i wont test again until saturday so will be nice to see a darker line :\)

    was just expecting big things from that test since it was fmu :lol: oh well. i usually use a cup but we had a surveyor in so i wanted to be quick lol xx
  • ps. when i say cup i mean a disposable one haha, not a drinking cup :lol:
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