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Who wants a lurve bug??? 4 BFP & counting...



  • Hey hun

    Interesting post LOL going straight to the animal thing yes they can I think!! My friends dog & cat paid me alot of attention before i found out 1 of my pg the cat who just looks at you jumped up on the sofa & actually sat on lap LOL!!!

    Im only a couple days ahead of you on CD's he he.

    Wondered were you had been so glad to see youve been busy for good reasons!!

    Talking superstitions have you heard about young kids beding over & looking between there legs LOL if there bottom is facing you thats supposedly to do with you being pg ha ha ha who thinks of these things eh, my friend told me this one!! xxx
  • oooohhh...My fingers are firmly crossed!! The daft apeth has only just left me alone! He's gone outside for a bit and as he can't open doors quite just yet I think I'll grab something to eat before he gets back in :lol:

    We're still getting frisky just in case I'm wrong with my ov date (though temps seem to match what I'm thinking) and my cat is not psychic after all :lol:

    I hadn't heard of the child superstition no, an interesting one though
    *wonders idly whether I can get one of the kids to do that when they get in from school image * are you? Do we have a peak yet? I read hubs is away tonight - so we are not currently rooting for a peak until tomorrow - that right??
    Glad you're doing the SMEP - we've kind of been sort of following that but hubs has no self control this month, so on some of the days we may have bd'd when we shouldn't have and we may have...well...erm...not just tickled the tulips the once imageops: :lol:
  • PMSL thats so funny about the tulips!!!

    No peaks for me yet not expecting to ov until about CD18 ish or there abouts, oh going away tonight fits in perfectly with SMEP as we bd last night will miss tonight & then i'll grab him again sat night!!

    Ohh i've just seen a fb post with someone announcing there pg, it's my bro's friends gf im sorry to say but im really jealous!!!
  • Hi just to update, my AF arrived today pretty much bang on time. The good thing is my cycle is very regular at 4 weeks now - shorter than before mc - but the bad thing is I am really deflated and sad today. Just so want to be pregnant again and even waiting about 14 days before trying again seems like ages at the moment. Also have soo many friends pregnant at the moment so reminders everywhere. Sorry for miserable post - off to buy a big bar of chocolate!
  • So you will hopefully still be on schedule even with hubs disappearing this evening - that's fab!!

    I do have a pang of green eyed monster when people I know announce they're pregnant - it soon passes.....and anyway - you'll be announcing yours in 16 days time (valentines day image ) hang in there!! xx
  • Hi ladies

    Mum+4 I will add your test date hun, good luck.

    Emma im sorry she got you huni, bar of choc sounds like a good plan, enjoy. Know what you mean by feeling like the time drags, you pamper yourself tonight hun you deserve it.

    LilyL Yep still on course LOL if I thought I was gona ov today I wouldve made him come home LOL!!!
    I dont get it with everyone lol alot of my friends are pg I am truly happy & excited for them, im just jealous of this one LOL im so evil arent I, thing is I dont even see her really she's not directly my friend!!! How sad am I

    Yes im looking forward to announcing a BFP on valentines day LOL (PMA) !!!!

    Noticed we have some testers coming up soon, just wanted to wish you all luck xxx

    [Modified by: laujai on January 29, 2010 04:27 PM]

  • hello ladies i'm home!!!!! image

    just spent an hour catching up on everyone. loving the swearing thread. I'm sure they're allowed to say @rse on radio 1 now aren't they, how come we can't say it?! and lilylilac clients at work have said they think their petsw know they're pg. some pets can predict diabetic hypos and epileptic fits so it wouldn't surprise me.

    so anyway, a quick update. the flight there was ten hours then 2.5hr coach transfer. was exhausted by time got there and had a tummy ache and started to get worried. but turns out the tummy pain was the start of a delightful new symptom - constipation. :evil: how attractive to be bloated in a bikini!! As still had lots of cheapie hpt's I did one every other day!!! I know mental. but it was so nice coz the test line actually came up dark as could be before the test while I was still doing the 10second dipping in the wee. so it made me feel better even though hubby laughed lots. had one day where I wiped had the tiniest bit of blood on paper, started panicking about having to go to a hosp abroad, but on closer inspection the blood was from the other area (sorry tmi poss something to do with the constipation?!). other than that knicker (and bikin!) watch was all clear the whole time.

    We went on one day trip to havana but the rest of the time just chilled at hotel. I didn't eat much as felt sick sometimes and not hungry at others, but have gained 2lb in month since bfp so not worried, and feeling slightly less icky now. we didn't watch any of the evening shows as I went to sleep!! Getting loads more symptoms this time than last time, so am v happy about that.

    soooo we got hoem yesterday, and had our private scan today. am 8wks exactly today lmp. scan showed a baby in uterus. with a hb of 157 (she told us 150-170 normal range for this stage). the bean only measured 7+1, but as my cycles are irreg and bean was shy prob just means implanted a little later. it was still too small to look like a baby, just a little blob with a heart beat and the yolk sac next to it. But considering we lost last one at 8 weeks, with lots of bleeding beforehand, am v happy that all ok with scan and not a spot of blood entire way through this pg :\)

    on way home from scan stopped at mothercare. as having to undo top button on all trousers already!!!! got some trousers, and 2 bras as fgound every one i own has wires. I'm usually 34c, but ones I bought were 36dd!!!! I'm only 8weeks, how big are they gonna get?!?! (hubby is quite pleased!! lol)

    anyways, seeing as everything is going well, I'm off to introduce myself in due in sept like a brave big girl. So I will just be back as a regular visit to check on you all til every one of you gets a bfp. You guys have been such a huge support to me the last 4months, I don't know how I'd have got through it without you. and your reaction to my bfp news was amazing. Love you guys!!!! will miss the regular ttc threads.

  • hey,
    god knows when i'll be testing, most likely middle of feb sometime...!
    dont think i'll get preg this month anyway due to miscarriage, but u never know!
  • Hi ladies, gosh there's lots to catch up on today!

    gemgems, lovely to hear from you. Really pleased that you're graduating over to your due in forum image

    Sorry she got you EmmaA, but at least your AF's are more regular now, (trying to think of the bright side)

    lilylilac, hope your cat is psychic! Got everything crossed for you image

    Laujai, I also get a little jealous when others announce their pregnancy, I think it's natural considering what we've gone/going through

    Mum+4, hope those are good symtoms, have my fingers crossed for you image

    Well I'm something passed DPO - maybe 7ish? I've had a little niggling in my right ovary area last few days but trying very hard not to read too much in to it.

    Hope you're having a good night image

  • Gemgems

    Weve been wondering when you were getting home. Fabulous news about your scan hun im made up for you actually welling up cause im so pleased LOL saddo I know!!

    You sound exactly like me last year when we was in Egypt LOL big belly in a bikin!!!, tired & sleeping every night whilst everyone was out partying!! Glad you had a good time & that you feel brave to make the step into Sept, dont worry we will all be stalking you now LOL!!! Take care sweetie.

    Sian hi ya hun, never say never it happens to lots!! If you decide on a test date just lt me know otherwise keep us posted on how your doing. xxx
  • Gem Gems - So nice to read your thread glad you had good time. Great news about the scan was just thinking about you today. xx
  • Sorry Rainbow I mustve missed your post. Hows the 2ww going?? Niggly pains are good!!!

    Oh gosh I saw the scan pics as well on fb this eve & felt like having a little cry!! But I didnt!!.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend im bored oh is away tonight & I have to get up to help my bro & sil move house, better get to bed soon so I can be up bright & early!!! xx
  • Afternoon ladies, how are we all today? Laujai, hope you're not having to work too hard with helping on the house move!

    DH is out playing cricket so I've not got much to do (well I ought to do housework but can't really be bothered :lol: )

    Now in to my first 1ww since the mc (eek) and don;t really have naything to report. Oh well

  • Hi ladies!! Everytime I come back here there's sooooo much to catch up on!!
    Gems so glad to hear your holiday went well and you're starting to relax about it all a little

    I'm 7dpo today and I'm trying so hard not to SS, I think it's a battle I'm not going to win, I'm already analysing every twinge :roll: though apart from a hot stabbing sort of pain low down in my tummy/lady garden that's about all I've had so far xx
  • Hi ladies

    I got a peak this mornong am so excited LOL I keep going back & switching on the cbfm to have a look at it!! Anyone would think I got a BFP!!!

    We were supposed to bd last night but was so tired we both fell asleep as soon as we got into bed!! Will be bding today & tomorrow though so fingers crossed.

    Speedy girl sorry she got you hun but glad your cycles have returned to normal & youve got lots of PMA waiting in the wings.

    Hi Huni & Rainbow both in the 2ww good luck ladies. Huni I was getting a sharp stabbing pain in my lady garden yesterday!! Strange!. xxx
  • Can you change my testing date please (gutted Rainbow I thought it was an omen!!) as the bleed I had based that date on appears not to have been my period LMAO I thought it was odd (in terms of the type of blood TMI sorry!) but it fitted in with my cycle length... anyhoooooo I had another bleed this week that was more period like when I was thinking I would ov! Explains why I had no ov symptoms tho hahahahaha I am waffling sorry!!
    New test date 18th Feb please!

    Baby dust to you all on testing this month
  • Maybe you were having sympathy pains for me Laujai :lol:

    Saying a little prayer that this is the month we all get what we really want!! xx
  • Hello hun

    I will change your test date now for you. What a pain eh wish our bodies would just sort thereselves out so we know were we are!!

    Good Luck xxx
  • hello, do you mind if I join you all. I am still waiting for af after mc a couple of weeks ago and have no idea when it might arrive. my cycles before were about 50 days and last cycle I used a CBFM for the first time. I had to delay the start (I started it on cd16) so that I would be using the testing sticks around about when I thought I would ovulating. I got a load of highs and then two peaks, and bingo- got my BFP! I'm toying whether to use it this cycle but I really don't know when to expect ov so it could end up being a waste of sticks. I know I should prob just go au natural this time and see if we get lucky, but I hate the thought of wasting a shot at ovulation -gggrrr dilemma!

    baby dust to everyone
    lb xx
  • Morning ladies,

    Glad you had your peak laujai, here's to your 2ww.

    Seraphina, what a pain! At least you kind of know where you are.

    Huni, maybe we can be 1ww buddies?! How's you ss?

    Speedygirl, sorry she got you hun what a cow :evil:

    Well little update on me, I have some sort of tummy bug which I think I've caught of my lil neice. Now the silver lining (work with me on this :lolimage is that no-one else has had it so my immune system must be down a little at the moment. Now when I caught swine flu, again I was the only one to have it even though my DH and I continued to sleep in the same bed, turned out my immune system was low then cos I had a tiny little bean (which ended in my mc, reason why I had the mc IMO) so maybe, just maybe I have another bean??

    Well I'm probably getting carried away with myself but it certainly makes me wonder....

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