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BDing... When are you trying?

Just wanted to get opinions on when you ladies are dtd. How often during fertile days? So many different theories, aren't there? Every other day for the whole month, every day during fertile days, SMEP... So just wanted to find out what most people are doing.

We have been dtd every now and then while not fertile, then in the last few days when I know I'm coming up to ov, planned to dtd every other day, but then ended up doing it every day for the last 4 days. Haven't ov'ed yet but have had EWCM the last two days. OH is a bit tired and grumpy and so I don't think he'll want to dtd tonight! Planning to skip tonight and then hopefully bd again tomorrow.

Does that sound like I might have a chance this month?


  • anything goes i think as long as its near ov time. when i had my son it was every day at least once, but we were on honeymoon at the time. this time around we have managed it twice in the time up to ov. but have heard every other day on most posts, plus stops hubbie feeling like a sperm machine.
  • , plus stops hubbie feeling like a sperm machine.

    lol, yeah my hubs hasn't quite started complaining yet but I feel that may be coming. And to think, he used to complain when he didn't get enough!
  • Hi there well I was working away for most if this month and had only bd day 3,4+5 before ovulation so I was stunned when I got my bfp this month! Didn't think I was in with any chance this month so bfp really a surprise! Maybe it was because I wasn't thinking about it? Just praying for a sticky bean now x
  • We are doing it everyother day all month, then I figure there will always be swimmers in there for when I OV (dont know when I OV as first month of trying) image Apparantly shouldn't do it every day as he needs his swimmers to recover for a day?
  • Well last month we did the SMEP, and cos I ov'd late (well late for me) on cd16 I think hubby had had enough!

    This month we started the SMEP again on cd9 and then I ov'd on cd11, so although we have technically done the SMEP again in fact we have only had sex 3 times in the important part of the month (sort of forgot that you are meant to do it 3 days in a row when you ov).

    I don't know what the answer is on this score. I sort of think it is all down to luck really - some ladies fall pg by only having sex once, some fall pg after bd'ing every day for 30 days straight.
  • Finding it difficult to BD as husband in the army and works away a lot, but he was home the of OV so fingers crossed for BFP this month. x
  • Thanks for your replies girls. And congrats littlewolf, hope to be joining you in 2 weeks!
    Just got a very clearly positive ov test so will be babydancing tonight!!
  • aw well done hun i am trying everyday this month from today, cd8 till about cd 25 as this is month 4, was doing everyother but that hasnt worked so thought id give everyday a go x
  • usually we bd a couple of days after af finishes, evry other night after that then when i get a + on my ov sticks we bd 3 nights in a row. Its obviously not enough though so im going to try and do it differently this cycle
  • sammie, how many months have you been trying? What you're doing sounds like what I was going to try if BFN this month. Well anyway, will be off to bd shortly (sorry tmi!) so wish us luck, lol!
    Will let you know in 2weeks!
  • RIght, have had a -ve ov test today after +ve yesterday. Do we need to continue bding? I've an idea that we should for another day, then miss one day and then once more? Can remember where I read that. Is it SMEP?
  • Think we are going to do every other day from now on. Fingers crossed it will work xxxx
  • We only did it around ovulation when I had Lily and fell pregnant first month. Did same last month (first month of ttc number 2) and it didn't work lol. So now are are going for every other day. xxx
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