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Personal qn- bd'ing after bfps?

Sorry, Can completely understand if noone is prepared to answer this but I was just wondering, and as I get to hide behind a screen name lol......
Since bfp I have not done 'the deed' as I am just petrified of anything going wrong, I wasn't like this before but I'm just so scared of everything. Am I completely crazy or are you all feeling like this too?


  • I'm with you on this. Even after my first mc we didn't 'do it' until after 12 weeks when I was preg with Darcey. So I don't really intend on 'doing it' until after 12 weeks this time either but after that I think I will still be freaking out about whether to or not.

    I feel quite sorry for OH, while we are ttc we 'did it' loads and now none, potentialy for another 7 months!( then however long it takes to feel ready for it after the birth). I think we will probably ask the consultant his opinion although I immagine he will say it's totaly fine etc etc. In the past 3 and a half weeks I have 'erm' only given OH 'attention' twice! And he hasn't moaned about it once, bless him. I don't like the thought of him feeling 'put out'... I may have to go and 'wake him up' from his lie in for some 'attention' te he....

    It's definatley not just you, I guess it's just another worry image xx
  • hiya!
    well we r not allowed to as previous prem delivery was due to an infection. im also not allowed a bath or to go swimming!!
    i must say oh has been very good but he cant wait till may!!.... i keep telling him more like june/july!!!! earliest lol!
    i know how ure feeling but in a normal pregnancy they encourage it dont they? ?
    i certainly wont be doing anything especially after all these little bleeds
    if u do just be very gentle lol
  • Thanks both. I think that's what's worrying me lisa, I don't want to lose this one and be told not to have sex next time if that makes sense. I guess as we weren't given a reason I'm scared they missed something. Oh is getting a little moody now- understandeably lol but at the same time we're both so aware of the what ifs .......
    - not even allowed to have a bath, wow I've never heard that one before but will now avoid them too lol!
    Hope it's all going well for the both of you and you're enjoying you count downs image
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