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Oh My God ......... It's true ............... I'm ...

Pregnant Ahhhhhhhhhh!
After my OH not believing that I could see a line on Friday night I tested with a SD using FMU this morning and ...
the positive line came up before the control line!! It's not as strong as the control line but as everyone says on here a line is a line! Yay!

me and OH are over the moon! Don't know when the due date is because my last period was October 22nd! It came at just the right time, my scan was booked to check for PCOS for next week and OH was going to do a sperm sample tomorrow, looks like we don't need it now!

We are so made up we don't know what to do with ourselve!

Things we did differently this month:
- we thought I wasn't ovulating so relaxed a lot and just BD'ed as and when we fancied it! Seems to have worked!

If I'm honest I thought I was pregnant from symptoms that I've had -
- feeling ridiculously upbeat
- tired (sleeping after work) and could sleep anywhere
- thrush (not had it since coming of the pill 10 months ago!
- achey legs yesterday that feel like tired pains had to take paracetamol to stop them hurting

Thanks girls for all your support and hope to see you due in soon x
Fingers crossed that baby bean is a sticky one!

Baby dust to everyone x


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