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constant dark ish line on OPK?

hi ladies,

been using opk's since CD8 and have had a constant dark or faint line since (now CD15) has anyone else had this? it seems to be 'surging' - but wonder why i have a line EVERY day. i thought you only saw lines in the few days building up to OV?
i know they can detect pg hormone, but i am sure i cant be - af only finished 2 weeks ago! xx


  • i think that you have always got some levels of lh in your body but when you are getting ready to ovulate they go crazy and thats why you get a mega dark line just before ovulation. I can always see a faint line all the way through my cycle that gradually gets darker, then eventually positive then gradually gets lighter again.
    Wen i was ttc my dd i never actually got a real positive on an opk the line would just get quite dark for a couple of days and then it would go lighter again, never as dark or darker than the control line, it was really frustrating
  • I agree with Sammie... I haven't used OPKs for a few months because I got so confused using them. I also had two lines all the way through my cycle but when I OVd they got darker. I even got what I thought was definitely a +ve but my temp didn't go up.... got another +ve a week later when I know I did OV because I had a temp shift. They sent me loopy!!! Best of luck hun xx
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