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How long from standing unsupported to walking?

After posting about how worried I was a dd is 10 months and not crawling or attempting to move, over the last few days she's pretty much become obsessed with standing up. She cant get up on her own as she's not figured out how to get her feet underneath her (plus she slides on our laminate) but if she has something to wedge her feet against she can pull herself up by holding someones hands or the end of her cot.

She then began standing quite happily with just a hand or two on the sofa for support and then yesterday she was sat on my lap on the floor, stood herself up and stood !! On her own !! Holding onto nothing image It was only a second but I figure with her sense of balance thats pretty darn good.

Anyway today she's done it three times today already and the longest was probably a couple of seconds image

Plus if we hold her hand and sort of pull forwards she's begun to move her feet like in like steps, where as a couple of days ago she would just sort of be dragged along.

So I was wondering for those whose lo's are walking, how long was it from beginning to stand/move feet to your lo toddling around ?

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  • good question ,with my ds he stood unaided one week and the next was walking unaided at the grand age of 8 months image however my dd has been standing unsupported for about 6 weeks for up to 5 minutes at a time but she will not walk unaided ,she walks round and round the room all day holding on but will not let go so i guess it depends on each different baby and all we can do it encourage them to take steps ....or not if we want any sanity left :lol:
  • Good question. Lo is standing on his own for a couple of minutes and walks if he has 2 people either side to hold hands with. I think he's a while off proper walking yet though as he's quite wobbly and I don't think his legs are strong enough x
  • my lo was opposite he started walking before he could stand still unaided!
  • M?y lo is coming up for 11 months, she spends all day crusing around the furniture and will let go and stand unaided for short bursts, which she is very impressed with because she claps after!! but as yet has not tried to take any step on her own. I'm not convinced she is strong enough yet as when she holds our hands she won't walk far, much rather crawls around.
  • My LO is a very good bum shuffler and therefore has only been walking (around furniture and holding your hands) since she was about 11m. She's now nearly 14 months and is no furtyher foward, she is getting stronger as can now walk only holding one of our hands, but each time we try and get to walk unaided, she drops down on to her bum again and shuffles...will she ever walk?? image

    Any ideas to encourage her?


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