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Feeling a bit rubbish

Hi Ladies

I am only on month 2 of TTC and having my first wobble :\(

I have a very regular cycle so have been using to ovulation calculators to work out when I ovulate. I know these are not 100% so me and the OH have been BD'ing alot!

Well we ran out of energy so had a BD break for two days but i wasn't worried as I figured we have covered it!

Then yesterday and today I started to get EWCM and think I may be ovulating now! We have done some emergency BD'ing but feel like we have missed our window :\?

So not only do I think we are out this month I also think I might have a short LP :\(

Trying not to be too glum but it has got the better of me!

Just wanted to share as I know you will all understand unlike the OH!!


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  • Oh i just wrote something and BE ate it!!!

    i think some ladies have said that spermies can live up to 5 days so i am sure you have everything covered, i know it sucks though when you think you havent done everything you can-but i really think you have. Also with all that emergency BDing!! teehee lucky OH!!!

    I do know what you mean about OHs not understanding-they just seem to think we're ttc crazy!!

    x x x
  • Thanks HF

    I know that we still may have covered it but it is just so frustrating!! I am a bit of a control freak (sshhhhh don't tell anyone..) so don't like it when all my planning goes wrong!
    OH is trying to understand but he is just not as consumed with it all, he just sees another month of sex ahead and that keeps him happy!

  • aw i feel the same hun but it sounds like you have done enough so try to think positive. Just think in a couple of weeks you might get your 2 little lines xx
  • Try not to worry. If you've done some emergency bding it sounds like youve done all you can. My dd was concieved on the day I oved so please don't feel that you were too late.
  • Thanks Ladies,
    I feel a bit better now, not much I can do about it now! Thanks for your message H it has given me a little bit of hope!
    If I don't do it this month then I am going to use an OPK for one month so it doesn't happen again!

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