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hi zoe

morning zoe,
just seeing who else is online, and its just us at the mo!! how are you today??
any plans for the weekend?
im supposed to be meeting with my old best mate today, but to be honest, shesquite unreliable, so i havent cancelled any other plans, as i probably wont get to see her.

chat soon
kas xx


  • Morning.

    That must be quite frustrating I don't blame you for not changing your plans.

    Did you bake mince pies last night?

    Haven't really got any plans as such for today with Jack poorly. James is at work this morning then on his Christmas doo early evening. Want to get Christmas presents wrapped today but really need the kids out the way for that so it will probably be tonight.

    What are you up to?
  • yea, it is frustrating, but ive learnt not to let it get to me.

    good luck with pressie wrapping, i love doing that.

    yes, we made mince pies last nite. of course, they had to be tested to make sure they were edible!! yummmyyyyyy!!

    right, gotta go now, tara is up and looking for brekkie.

    hope to catch you later
    have a good day
    kas xx
  • I hope you didn't eat them all last night!!! Glad the were nice though.

    Catch you later.
  • Morning i'm here now!!!

    We had a fantastic night last night, one of my best friends (i lived with her at uni) came over with her partner and we did presents (we were spoilt)! just after we had a phone call from Ambers Godmother to sayt Santa was coming up our road on his sleigh!!!!

    It's something thats organised by the charity the round table and they do it every year but have never done it on our estate before. We shoved clothes over ethans pj's put about 6 blankets on amber who was in the buggy and dashed out!! It was really lovely, i even welled up as it was the same sleigh that used to come to my house when i was a kid! Ethans face was a picture he was awestruck but wondered why the sleigh was pulled by a tractor! We told him Rudolf was asleep!!!!!
  • thats sounds lovely Tasha.
    I wish we had something like that here
  • That sounds really nice Tasha, don't think we have one around here!
    I am taking Jessica to a village near us Tuesday evening call Bradfield and all the houses are done up with loads of lights for charity, not sure if there is a Santa!

    Tasha how is Ethan, is he better!
  • How lovely Tasha, sounds great.

    Where we used to live we had a group of singers come round to the street sing around three or four carols then move on. It was so nice and really put you in the mood for Christmas and any money they raised went to chariety. We don't get that here which is a shame. If I went out carol singing i'd get a bucket of cold water thrown at me to shut me up!!
  • Wow, you guys were all up and about early this morning!!!!

    Tasha - what a lovely surprise Santa coming to visit, it's really starting to feel like Christmas now!!

    Hope you all have a lovely day, i'm having a very lazy day today seeing as my darling son has had me up since 3 this morning.

    Take care xx
  • hiya all,
    Tasha, glad you had a lovely evening last nite. Id have loved to have seen Ethans face, i bet it was a picture.
    We have something similar round here, but like you, we've never seen it.

    sounds like most of us had early starts today.

    Zoe, the early starts wont bother us, as me ne ant will take it in turns to lie in. yay!!

    its Sunday we get the ferry to Ireland, but we are actually going Saturday to stay overnight with a friend in Hereford, as its pretty much halfway there.

    hope you are all having a nice weekend so far
    Kas xx
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