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what is going on now????

i am about 7dpo i have had some pink/brown spotting on and off today could this be implantation bleeding?? anyone experience this when they have fallin pg?? ( sorry if tmi)


  • Maybe hun, fingers crossed for you. I've never had it but other ladies have

  • it could be babe. i haven't had this but my mate did. we talk as we are both trying. she decided she had just come on early but is now confirmed pg at 6 weeks. good luck
  • No idea sorry hun but crossing my fingers that it is!
  • I've never had this but theres a chance it could be hun, fingers crossed xx
  • Hi, I got what I think was an implantation bleed at 10dpo and then got my BFP at 13dpo. It wasn't blood, it was just CM when i wiped with a pinky/browny tinge of colour. They say implantation bleeding can occur from 6-12dpo so it looks promising!! Good luck, I hope you get your BFP XX
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