Hi all,

I am new to this site and have been ttc for 5 months now. I go my period on 12th Jan. Ovulated 5 days after that and the past 3 days have had uncomfortable aching pains in my sides and my back has been aching too. I saw on the internet it could be implantation pain but i just don't know. I am also getting waves of nausea but this might be due to the fact that I am scared that it's going to be another disappointment this month. I don't want to do a test just in case it's neg.

Please if anyone has any type of reassurance or advice i would be so greatful.

Thanks so much everyone.



  • hi hun!welcome to ttc. your totm was roughly the same as mine so im gonna keep my eye out for you! the pains could be promising but the nausea is something i get when im stressed out so maybe the pressure is making you feel a bit dodgy??when are you due back on, cos maybe you could test around then, no harm in trying. best of luck babe xx debsxx
  • Hi,

    Firstly welcome to BE, and secondly you must have really short cycles!!
    I've just got my BFP and I had very similar sysmptoms to you, constant dull cramps above pubic area and back ache / aching sides. It sounds like it could be implantation. So by your dates you're CD22 (cycle day) and you'd be 17dpo (days past ovulation)? Have you tested and when would your period be due? Fingers crossed for you xx

    ps, if you struggle with the codes look in chat room rules, there's a list of them in there xx
  • I would do a test, your symptoms sound promising . Hiya btw xxx
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