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I know there is another 2WW thread, but i think they will be onto a 1WW now seeing as we were all OVing together!!

Everyone was so kind to me telling me how many DPO i was-BUT now im trying to look out for symptoms!!

Well, i was prob 1dpo when i went crazy and got no sleep imagining things...but im better now!! I know before i kept saying "oh my left leg is itchy, im sure thats a symptom. Oh, i had to blow my nose...surely its a symptom?" But i have decided to stay CALM....(hmmm, i can wish?) but i am going to focus on a fab Valentines Day!

how is everyone?

x x x

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  • Hi Homefairy, I'm on the anxious 2ww too!!

    Am now 5dpo, I think, was pretty sure I ov'd on sunday (opk peak on sat) but then wed, I had a mass of EWCM (soz - tmi!), so not too sure but feeling massively positive!! If I did ov on sun then AF is due on Valantines day so I think I might be brave and test that morning... anyone else brave enough to join me??!!

    SS... trying not to read too much into it but I've been having aches and cramps in my tummy, and I did have a couple of bizairre dizzy spells, but nothing definate. Am not to the point of implantation yet so just trying to create a lovely home for bean!!

    Hows you?? xxx
  • URGH, BE logged me out just as i posted!!

    Do symptoms start as implantation? When is that? I keep saying im going to get a book on these things and i never distracts me too much!!

    i keep drinking pineapple juice as i heard its very good for you!!

    I will test with you on Valentines Day!!! Its my turn to make hubby breakfast in bed so i will go and test first thing then, and either go and make breakfast and get a cuddle or run through with a test!!!

    x x x
  • Hurrah!! Thats exciting!!! Must not let it ruin our day tho, even if it's a BFN, we still might get a BFP a few days later!!

    I think from what I've read, you don't really get symptoms until the bean has implated 8-12 days after ov so it's firmly settled in it's new home.

    Pineapple is supposed to be soooo good for this!

    I've got the baby making bible which is v good for understanding your cycle and things to help ttc. I've also got Taking charge of your fertility and thats v good on the medical factual side of things and lots of good info on charting but is a bit like reading a text book!! Both v interesting to read tho!!

    This is the first 2ww that I'm really anxious and excited, I can't wait to test!! xxx
  • Hello! Im also planning to test valentines day, if its a BFP im going to put the test in hubbys card!

    No symptoms as yet although i have had food poisoning so ive been to ill to think about it. I havent got much PMA either, just dont feel it was our month as we didnt BD after ovulation which i think you are supposed to!

    I hate the fact we have to wait so long, ive been lying in bed this morning thinking 'hmm shall i do a test anyway just to see?' im only 4DPO!! lol

    good luck!! xx

  • little button im just the same!!! Thats so bad you are poorly though. Thats terrible.

    Get distracted though...if i didnt have to go to work id be going insane!!

    Get better soon though!!

    x x x
  • hey, im into my 1ww now, so fingers crossed!!only prob is that ive had a viral infection this week so im laid up at home image( am due af next weekend, i'll look out for you all xxx
  • i work part time so mon-wed im distracted! Ive just come back to bed as i feel so drained after yesterday image

    Ive just had a few slight AF pains but like we all say it could be just wishful thinking!

    Im going to go and buy some cheapie ebay preg tests now ready, but then again i know i will end up testing early so im thinking if i dont have any here i wont be able to do one and i might be able to hold out a bit longer lol

    Thank god for BE and all the lovely ladies in the same boat! xx
  • Hey!!
    I am testing on the 11th as I think my LP is only 10 days so my 2ww is a bit shorter!
    Trying so hard not to SS but it is hard!

    I have started writing it all down so that I can either say, yes they were preg symptoms OR more likely this month I can read back next month and see if anything is different! I am hoping it will stop me going crazy nezt month.......
    The baby making bible should have arrived when I get home today!! yay!

  • Yay, you'll be glued to it all wkend!!

    Poor you, little button and Deballen, hope you both feel better soon!!

    That is the temptation with cheap HPTs, if you don't have them then you can't get too obessessed.

    I've only got a 2pk FR HPT which I've had hanging around for about 3 months when first come off pill, but I've never really thought I could be before so not had much inclination to use.

    The diary is a good idea Mrs Cake, helps you to keep an eye on things. I've got one but only use it for AF and OV etc, but I'm constantly flicking through doing AF/Ov maths!

    It'll be so romantic to have Valentines BFPs won't it?! fingers crossed for us all!! xxx
  • I'm on my frirst 2ww and AF is due on Monday, I'm too scared to test though so thinking I'll leave it till the Saturday after if AF diesn't make an appearance. Never dreamed that this would consume my every waking thought and every slight twinge leads me to blooming google! Hubby is just as bad though.. felt a bit queasy on the train this morning ( i was really hungry so put it down to that ) hubby asked if I thought it could be morning sickness and to call him straight away if I threw up!!!! bless him lol
  • Amber thank you hopefully will be back to normal soon! I didnt get any ebay HPTs in the end, decided to wait!
    If i have a BFN this month then i'll be getting the baby making bible to!
    Bless your hubby Katielou! Mine is the opposite i think i could wave a BFP in his face and he would still be unsure it was true! xx
  • Mrs Cake that is sooo organised haha. Im just completely obsessed- im on my laptop now with the baby making bible next to me, im trying really hard not to ss but it's impossible so im driving myself mad.
    Been trying to visualize a bfp but im scared it will leave me really blue if its a bfn. Gonna test 13th Feb as we're having our valentines day that day cos we've got 2 christenings to go to on the 14th- either it will be fab or really awful depending on my result.
  • Evening ladies, well think i'm about 4/5dpo and not really feeling anything pregnancy related. I've had really bad bloating all week and such bad wind (sorry tmi!) and then the last 2 days been so so tired with headaches etc, thought i was coming down with something but think im just a bit run down so i've had a few early nights. AF is due around next week, unfortunately im going to have to test saturday morning if AF hasnt got me by then cos we're going out saturday night and i know what we're like, there will be plenty of alcohol flowing so i'd rather know. Babydust to u all, i think theres gonna be a few BFPs between u lot image xxx
  • hi girls--il join yas--im due AF on the 14th exactly---i absol hate pineapple juice but bought it 2day--haha---sipping it now as its on vals day---best of luck allimage
  • oo i hope you're right Pickle and you're including yourself in that x
  • For some reason i'm not feeling very hopeful for myself!! x
  • Hi there, I'm in my 2ww too, not sure how far but my ewcm (sorry) stopped about Tuesday. Soo fingers crossed. I'm due on 15th so am also thinking of testing on Valentines day too.

    Can't wait to see all the BFP's on Valentines day, it will be lovely.

    I'm the same as Pickly though, not quite feeling myself at the min and keep getting AF type pains. Never mind, a couple of early nights for me too.

    Good luck all

    V xx
  • Keep the pma ladies, im trying to be positive as i don't think ive had any real pg symptoms
    (think my (.)(.) have been a bit sore but it may be im my head) but i haven't had any af type pains either which usually start 5/6 dpo. im on 8dpo so im just gonna wait til next sat to see. babydust to all xxx
  • Hi girls,
    Can I join your 2wwer thread, I am on 5 DPO I think, keep getting really strong AF pains over the past couple of days - do u think that is a good sign??

    Baby dust to all x x
  • Can I join this group too...? Am I allowed in both? image I'm 7DPO so I think I gatecrashed the other thread a little late, but I just want to belong imageimage

    Symptoms so far, cramps, sniffles, sore throat, dizziness, CM, achy legs, sore (.)(.) at the sides.

    But I think they might be all in my mental baby head :lol:

    Baby dust to everyone x x x
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