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Best friend and sis in law weren't even trying...

Hi, i'm new to this site and been ttc for 4 months since got married.

How come my best mate fell pregnant twice while on the pill and then sis in law did the same?. I really really really thought I would fall pregnant the first month I came off the pill - how naive. Anyway, now I'm obsessed with bbt, charts and calendars....and now message boards, lol

L x


  • Hi LoLLy

    G/C from due in April.
    I just wanted to let you know that i felt exactly the same when I was trying to get pregnant.
    In the end it took us quite a while but everyone is different and hopefully you will get you BFP soon.
    When I was trying I got really frustrated that people around me were getting pregnant. People said to me that I was just thinking it because I wanted to get pregnant but I know it was not my imagination - 7 women at work got pregnant while I was trying. One of them didnt even want a baby and it was a drunken night with her hubby when she fell.
    I just wanted to say I am sure it will be your turn very soon, though I know at times it feels as though it will never be your turn as I felt like that but IT WILL happen for you.

    Maz x
    84 days til due date x
  • I think it does seem like this, since myself and OH started talking about having my implant out there is babies everywhere, every time I log on facebook someone else has got a scan photo as their profile pic! Even on the tv with the documenteries such as 8 boys wanting a girl, and one born every minute, it all just seems very in your face doesnt it?

    Im not having my implant out till tommorow, and I'm not getting my hopes up, also I know of a couple of people who have been ttc for some months now, and the doctor as told them they are not getting pregnant as they are thinking about it too much, one girl even had no AF and the doc said it was cos her brain was telling her body to be pregnant so it was acting like it was image

    I am really hoping I dont let it take over my life like that.

    Good luck to you, sending you lots and lots of baby dust xxxxxx
  • Thanks Maz :\)

    I can't believe how much I think about it...I never thought I would and I am so emotional about it too. I'm really excited that we are trying but can't help feeling frustrated that it hasn't happened yet. I know I'm being silly and that 4 months isn't that long really. I was on the pill for 5 yrs...

    Is this your first baby?
  • Thanks BroodyKate.

    Lol, I cried my eyes out watching '8 boys and wanting a girl' last night and can't wait to watch 'one born evey minute'.

    I thought the same as you but it seemed as soon as we started tryin, that's all I could think about...I had no control over it, lol

    Sending you lots and lots of baby dust too x
  • I didn't watch it cos I forgot but I'm glad I didnt after reading the comments on here, i think I will be the same as you tbh because I can feel myself now, when we decided to have my implant out I rang family planning (this was last monday) and I was gutted I had to wait till Saturday to have it removed, i just wanted it out there and then so i could start project baby lol

  • I know that feeling - as soon as we got back from honeymoon I went straight to the chemist and bought some folic acid and vitamin tablets. I remember buying tampons as well and joking to hubby that they were in case we failed.... Damn things!

    I'm af at the moment and have only just taking my temperature every day to find out when I'm ovulating.

    I'm charting everythingn on - it's a really good site for obsessessed ppl like me, lol
  • Ive bought folic acid too image started taking them on Wednesday.

    I dont know if i'm being really thick but I dont understand any of the cycle, ovulation talk image I'm such a newbie! Prob no point me charting things anyway as my OH works away so wouldnt be able to stick to anything - booooo lol xxx
  • It's pretty easy to get your head round once you start reading into it. Basically your cycle starts on the first day of your period and your next cycle starts on the first day of your next period. Average cycles are about 28 days I think. You ovulate around 14 days after your first day of your last period but this can vary from woman to woman. They say there are only really three days of your cycle that you can get pregnant (or these are the most likely days you will fall pregnant - the 2 days prior to ovulation and the day of ovulation itself.

    My cycles have altered in length slightly since coming off the pill, getting shorter by 1-2 days each month so it's been hard to for me to guess when I'm ovulating. That's y I'm now taking my temperature each day - your body temp rises after you have ovulated. That wont help me this cycle but hopefully will help me predict when I will ovulate next cycle (If I don't fall pregnant this month).

    I'm no expert and there's prob loads more to it than that but that's what I've found out so far and what I'm doing...

    And my hubby works shifts which include nights so i kinda understand how you feel there...

  • Everyone is different. I was one of the lucky ones (fell pregnant first month) but I know plety of people who are really finding the ttc stage really difficult and emotinal. One of my friends hasnt even had a period yet since coming off the pill, and she come off it the same time as me!! I'm due in 3 weeks time so it just shows how long it can take for some.

    My doctor told me on average it can take 6 months before you fall pregnant, lets hope you will be pregnant before you reach this. It will happen for you, just try and relax about it abit (hard I know) and I look forward to seeing your BFP announcement!

  • Wow, lucky u Emma - congrats, you must be so excited!

    I hope I fall pregnant soon, this is like an emotional roller coaster and I'm getting worse, which can't be good for conception, lol!

  • i feel for u hun, sorry im g/c from toddler x
    when we were trying i thought i would fall preg straight away, then my sister did, and then my other sister, i used to cry my eyes out about it, my oh was such a rock!!!
    i were just going through the stages of getting checked to see if everything was 'working' when my oh twin sister phoned to say she was 8 weeks gone and how she was so shocked as they wernt even trying, it felt like everyone was getting there and we wernt, if she was infront of me that day i probably would of hit her i was that upset, low and behold, 2 weeks later we found out we were expecting.
    we are ttc now and im not so caught up in it, im relaxed, it will happen when it does, i really know how u feel when it happens for everyone else, sending lots of hugs xxx
  • Try not to focus on everyone else hun, like I say your time will come.

    I had really wanted to start ttc 1 year before my wedding, but had to put it on hold due to wedding plans. Both my best friends got pregnant before I had got married and it was awful having to listen to them both babbling on about pregnancy and how both of their little girls would be the best of friends.

    Chin up! Sending lots of baby dust your way!

  • Thanks Demelza x

    Omg, I would have had a breakdown if I were you....and would have moved away until I fell pregnant, lol

    I hope it does happen for me, I can't wait...and everyone is expecting it too, as we are newlyweds, which adds to the pressure...

  • Hi hon,
    sending big hugs - my 2 best friends are both pregnant! One 6 weeks and one 15 weeks and I had been trying quite a bit longer than one of them. I am really happy for them both and excited about their babies but did cry a lot on Dh when I found out! I think it's something we have to get used to and on the positive side think about all the hand-me-downs etc etc! x
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