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Pineapple Juice-help!!

Hi ladies, well i'm sure a lot of u have also heard that drinking pineapple juice 'can' help with implantattion. I was shopping yesterday and thought i'd get some and i actually quite like it!! BUT...silly me decided to google it and theres a lot of bad stuff about it! Saying it causes early mc etc im scared!! i've already had one mc.

What do u all think?? xxx


  • Hi Pickle!
    Oh I don't know?? It says about pineapple in the baby makeing bible and also says it is good??
    I think that the internet is a bad place because for every page that says somthing is good there is another that says the opposite!
    I really don't know as I was going to get some for next month as I have just bought the book and think AF is on the way but now I don't know either....
    ARRHHHH too much information!
    Sorry not helped much have I?!
  • Thankyou for replying, i knew i shouldnt of googled but in a way am glad that i did! Sooooo i think for peace of mind....i just wont drink the bloody stuff!! Then i cant worry can
  • I think I might do the same! image
  • haha sorry to put u off!!! image xxx
  • Hi Pickle

    You can have fresh pineapple juice as it's supposed to help with implantation like you say, what i do is drink it before ov & then stop, it apparantly is good at starting labour thats why all the girls ready to drop munch away on it!!

  • Hi, as Laujai said I've read that fresh pineapple is eaten to help induce labour, but the enzymes present in it can cause early mc but canned pineapple or juice is fine as the processes involved kill off the particular enzymes xx
  • If you want something else to drink Grapefruit juice is suppose to be great as it balances your PH levels
  • Thanks ladies thats really helpful xxx
  • oh no, ive been drinking loads of it. I will deffo stop though, prob best to stick with normal water as you cant go wrong.

    x x x
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