my first AF since my mc!

Hey all,
just wanted to say i got my first AF last night since my mc over xmas.
altho it means im not preg this month, i wasnt really expecting to be!
so at least when / if i do fall preg i will know the dates image
the only bad thing was me an oh wer at a wedding last night and wer booked in a posh hotel, so it put a bit of a dampner on our fun weekend! lol.
buy YEY just wanted to share my knews, i actually feel normal again!!
Hope everyone is well!


  • Yayy that's great news hun, least now you know your bodies getting back to normal again. Pity about the timing though! Good luck for this month! xx
  • That's great hun at least you know were you are now.

    good Luck for this cycle xxx
  • yeahhhh, i got mine on sunday so also feel better about knowing whats happening,

    lots of luck and babydust to you for this month hun

  • Normality! Wooo! Who would have though AF would be such a welcome visitor for once! :lol:

    Good luck this month! xxxx
  • Yay! Glad you have no more waiting! Are you going to use ovulation tests or anything? We're going to see how it goes for a few months without tracking ovulation so that we're not putting ourselves under any pressure. Feeling really positive now though after feeling so down since I miscarried. Good luck for this month of ttc! xx
  • Yeah!! I can't wait for mine to turn up too! On cd 27 today but my cycles prior to mmc were very irregular so not sure when to expect it! Good luck this month sweetie! Maybe book yourself into a holiday room in another couple of weeks time!!
  • hey!
    thanks for ur replies!
    rachwill, no we're not going to use ovulation tests, last time i was extremely lucky and got preg in the 1st month of trying, so i'm just keeping my fingers crossed! as long as we do it everyother day throughout the month, hopefully it might happen image
    good luck to everyone else too!! xx
  • How many days did it take for you? My cycles have always been a very regular 24 days apart from when I've been on the pill so I was quite shocked that it took 32 days!
    My relief was finally getting the negative preg test after! I have fallen quickly all 3 times so after we started trying as soon as I stopped bleeding post-mc I suddenly realised that I should have waited until -ve test cos otherwise I wouldn't know if I was actually preg or left over from mc and then when AF came I might think it was another mc image
    I have NEVER been so relieved to see a neg!!
  • hey seraphina,
    yes, i did a preg est too which i was so relieved to come up as negative as i didnt want the same thing to happen to me!
    my cycles are normally 28 days...
    i miscarried mainly on 26th Dec altho was bleeding in the week before that. i stopped bleeding around 13th jan, and also got my neg test on that day image
    and then my period came on 6th Feb!
    now i'll be soooo happy to see a possitive next time i do a preg test !! but i doubt i would be that lucky for it to happen so fast!
    when i first miscarried i thought the time would never come where i stopped bleeding, then had a period and could then start trying again. it seemed a million miles away! and now that time is here i am sooo excited image
  • thats great news sian. knowing that things are getting back to normal must be such a relief.

    muffin- I'm cd 28 today so we're very nearly cycle buddies. i've always had irregular cycles so lets hope AF surprises us soon !
  • yeah, i'm really pleased things are getting back to normal image
    now just got to wait until about 1st / 2nd march to do a test!! fingers crossed! x
  • yeah, i'm really pleased things are getting back to normal image
    now just got to wait until about 1st / 2nd march to do a test!! fingers crossed! x
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