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Tips for BBT

Hi Ladies

I have just started doing my BBT and do it first thing in the morning at around the same time (as near as I can!) but it seems to fluctuate quite alot!

Has anyone else had this and is there an easier way as at the moment I cant tell anythng from it!!!



  • Hi Catherine, I have been charting for 3 months and I got my BFP on Saturday so I swore by it. You need to make sure that you're taking your temp before you get out of bed, having a drink, go to the loo, etc., so I always had my thermometer in easy reach. Also, even a slight variation in the time which you take your temp can have a big difference, so that may be another reason why they look erratic. Hope this helps
  • Hi guys, I started taking my BBT last Weds when AF came. Mine has ranged from 36 degrees celsius to 36.7 degrees celsius. I've registered with where you can fill in charts with your BBT and more to help you predict when you will ovulate. It looks really good and I love filling it in evey day, lol!

    I haven't always taken my BBT when still in bed (sometimes sitting on edge of bath waiting for shower to warm up after having just got up cos my thermometer beeps and didnt wanna wake hubby) and it hasn't always been the same time cos I need a lay in at the weekend!

    L x

  • Hi hun, you need to take it as soon as you wake up, as if you are fully awake and fidget in bed and/or start getting up it can affect your temperatures quite dramatically! I take mine routinely as soon as my alarm goes off, if I wake up a few minutes before my alarm I take it then instead.
    P.s. mine has ranged from 36.2-36.7 and I'm only on CD10, if you use FF, you'll find that your body has its own rhythm. xxx
  • I found taking my temp orally caused huge fluctuations. I now take in vaginally and it's much more even.

    Also, I take it the same time everyday, even on weekends. I figure I'm not going to get a lie in once I've got kids... might as well train for it nowimage
  • You do really need to take it at the same time every day and before you get out of bed. I charted my temp when we were trying for our son and after I ovulated it would only go up by .3 of a degree so unless you take it accurately you will miss such a small rise. Good luck x
  • Im sorry ladies but I think Im being a bit thick! Whats BBT? xxx
  • Basal Body Temp hun xxx
  • Its basal body temperature, basically your core resting temp x
  • Thanks for all the replies ladies, I think on the next month I will do it vaginally too as mine are ranging between 35 and 36 so quite a bit of variation!! I was also doing it at the same time but was doing it after snoozing for a while so may change to doing as soon as I wake up instead - Do you need to do it the same time/after solid slip vaginally as well or is it less important?
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