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EmmalJunga aftercare service- very poor

Just a warning to Designer bump and anyone else thinking of buying an EmmaLJunga pram.

Ours arrived on Saturday and its GORGEOUS, beautifully made with the highest quality fabrics etc.

BUT the carrycot we chose does not seem to fit the base and we've been trying to get an answer out of the company via our supplier....they just have not come back to us with any guidance and our supplier has admitted this is a REGULAR problem with the company, they are apparently very very bad at repsonding to any problems.

They tell us they have several customers all waiting for help from the company and all getting nowhere.

Might be worth knowing if you are considering purchasing from their range.

On a very positive note the pram is absolutely fabulous and we are very happy with it. Just a shame their after sales appears to be pretty weak.



  • I'm really sorry to hear this as i know how excited you were about gettingt his pram. Its such a shame that they are spoiling your joy!
    I really hope they sort it and quickly!
  • ooooooooo noooooooooooo I just read this - thats so annoying what do you mean about the carrycot not fitting the base properly?

    I think we are going for the same one the nitro city in cream leatherette..... maybe they sent you the wrong carry cot?

    so gutting to hear this as it's so lovely knew there must be a hitch - when we went to look in the shop the shop was USELESS and could offer no advice about it etc.

    Let me know what happens please - we r planning to order in March xxx
  • what happened with this MG? xx
  • oh goin on saturday to order my edge combi or at least i was....think i may go with silver cross one now espec as its quite a bit cheaper....dont want to pay all that money for a potential problem and then get no where with help argh!

    Hope you can get some answers soon MG and thanks for the warning,...

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