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As you all know Bronwyn is a tad bigger than she should be! She has just gone into 6-9 at 14 weeks which fit OK if not a little baggy but I am having major problems with socks!

She has got chunky calves and ankles so socks leave marks on them where they are too tight. I have tried getting socks in a bigger size which are huge on her feet and still leave marks. If I use socks that are meant for her size they nearly amputate her feet!

Has anyone else had a similar problem or does anyone know of a brand of sock that are baggier around the top???



  • Hi - I found the Mothercare ones were larger around the top and Bon never wore the ones I got from there as they fell off, having the opposite problem of skinny legs. I did use a lot of trousers with feet to avoid the sock issue altogether, have you tried tights and skirts instead? Or cut off the elastic at the top and put those little soft leather shoes on her to keep the socks on?
  • I have only just realised that this is going to be a problem!
    Yes she has tights and skirts or dresses but trousers are more practical at this age aren't they?
    I love those little leather shoes, not managed to get any yet though so I will try them. I will also go to Mothercare and try their socks, thanks!
  • I have tried folding the socks over and it still leaves marks. I am sure that I have seen socks advertised somewhere that are designed for babies with larger calves, I just can't remember where!
  • I nokw it dont help but i have seen somewhere a company that make sock without leaving the mark.
    I have found tho that using cotton socks help,i got given a pair from a friend,she got them from woolworths,pink and white with a little bow on each.these havent left a mark yet and chantelle has got chubby little legs.

    Happy hunting tho.
  • Hi Caroline

    Would these be any good, they're designed to wear over the socks to keep them on your babies feet. Maybe Bronwyn could wear them over a bigger size of sock.;category=LAC72
  • Thanks Dawn
    If all else fails I will try these!
    In a catalogue I have seen socks designed for babies with big calves that don't leave marks. I just can't remember where!!
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