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having a moan!!!!

Sorry to moan but i think hubby has had enough of listening to me!!!

We got given notice on our rented house last week and so have until end of march to move out!!! We have looked at about 20 or so houses this week and last week!!! They have all been horrendous and not suitable!!

Its really starting to get me down now and keep thinking what if we don't find anywhere to live us and our 5 year old will be homeless!!!

So i'm house hunting and job hunting all at the same time!!

suuuuuuuuuucks big time!!!!



  • Oh that's tough on you guys, hopefully it will all work out soon for you

    Good luck x
  • We went through the same in '08. Had 2 weeks to go before we had to move out, had just found out I was pregnant, DH didn't have a job...was a horrible time! But all of a sudden he found a job, and a house and it all worked out fine - and the same will happen for you hon, PMA and all that!!

    Just try not to worry xx
  • hope it works out for u honey x
  • it will work out in the end. just keep searching and the perfect place will come along in the end x
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