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Hello think am back in limbo again :o

Ok so I posted the other day saying I was back to CD1 again after AF visiting. I started spotting on sat night, sun had a light pink bleed when I wiped and then nothing monday and tues morning woke up to a bleed dark red in colour and enough for a tampon to be used.

Anyway af has been coming and going again same as last month, NO pain whatsoever, bloated, excessive wind, feel sick, headaches etc all the BFP symptoms are there.

When I took my test to docs last week I rang the doctor on monday afternoon and she said that she wants me to put another test in in 2 weeks and I thought sod this am going to find out before another 2 weeks so I went to Boots and bought two boots own pregnancy tests.

I done a test on wed morning with fmu and within the time frame i could see a faint line but visible and because of all the messing about I am probably not going to believe I am pregnant until I get a CBD and see the words, a stronger line or the doctor confirms it for me!

I must add that I only done the test because AF had disappeared again and when I was bleeding it felt light and not like a normal af. Normally I am in pain with my af so I really dont know what it going on.

I feel so confused alot of the time, am fed up now as I was prepared to start over a fresh cycle and now I dont know what is going on yet again but am not going to stress out.

I have decided to sit tight and wait and see what happens next as I have to put a test into the docs again next wednesday.

I am finding it hard to believe that it hasnt shown up by now but then I hear of some people not having enough hcg in their systems for the pregnancy to be detected and think well could I just have a really shy bean.

Also not sure what to make of the faint line but I held it up to the light and there was defo a line there and its visible when you look at it but its not a very strong line to take a pic of and post.

I have since started having a little bleed so I dont know what to make of this either.

I guess only time will tell whats going on and I think my doctor will take a blood test next as she said periods arent supposed to stop and start and should be a continuous flow?? Is period meant to be fresh red colour like when you cut yourself??

Really sorry to bother you again with all this and I cant quite believe it as the other day getting af seemed like a breathe of fresh air and I was full of pma for next cycle. Guess we need to sit tight and find out either way now.

I have another boots test should I maybe use it tomorrow or sat morning or wait for the docs? with these ones it comes up with a purple line so two lines one in control, one in test if pregnant so they are not them blue cross tests. Must just be a new brand boots are doing.

SD x image


  • oh chook, what are you like!? Keeping everything crossed that you have your bfp and that it was just a decidual bleed. ((((hugs)))) xxxx

  • Hi hun, I know this is flippin crazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy!!! Whats a decidual bleed?
  • Sorry, wish BE would stop eating my posts!

    I basically said that I would wait until Sat and do another test if Af hasn't returned full swing, but as doc said Af should be a continuous flow so it is very strange. Perhaps it is a very shy bean trying to decide whether to stick or not, but don't want to get your hopes up only to have them crushed...

    Sending you loads of hugs, PMA, baby dust and luck!! You've really been through the mill with this so really hope it sorts itself out one way or the other. xxx
  • A decidual bleed is where your uterus sheds part of the lining where the bean hasn't implanted, quite unusual, but it happens! xxx
  • Thanks I have just been to the toilet and when I wiped there was like dark reddy brown watered down blood there quite a bit on toilet roll is this what you get at the end of your period? Am confused because when I used to get periods they were always there allday and night sometimes I would wake up in the morning flooded *sorry tmi*, I would have really bad pain because hubby would get me a hot water bottle bless him and I am totally moody dont have any of these so very weird indeed.

    Guess its back to waiting for me then, wish bean would stop playing hide and seek!!

  • Crikey you really are in limbo!!
    I haven't really got any advice but just hope that your body sorts itself out or the bean comes out of hiding for you!!!
  • Try not to get too disheartened hun it could still happen! x Did i see in another post that you got married last May? I got married last May too on the 23rd xx
  • hi hun. why dont yoy do a cbd test? i know they are expensive but it will say in writing and you wont have the confusion of seeing a faint line. i really have my fingers crossed for you for a BFP

    have you done another test today? xxxx
  • i got married may last year too!!! 29th!! yaaay!!!
  • SD - Bless your heart, bet you dont know what to do with yourself!

    Well I hope that you get your BFP and that it is a residual bleed - keep us posted xxx
  • Hi girls yes I got married 30th May and was a May09 bride on YAYW but have changed my name on here.

    I done a boots test again today and think I got a very faint line but they are so small and crap its hard to see a line the windows are tiny.

    I bought some SD tests today going to test again on sunday morning, I am going to hand another sample into the docs on wed morning so I should be out of limbo by Friday I hope.

    I would think the doctor will still take my bloods when I next get a period due to all the funny goings on! My stomach is quite swollen too defo looks and feels fuller but no BFP yet.

    I am not going to do a CBD until I get a stronger line on a test as they are too expensive and I wasted loads last month so just bought some SD cheapies 2 for ??8.

  • Hi SD,

    Do you think it may be worth asking your gp to send you for blood tests to check your hcg??

    The only reason I say is because your hcg should increase by 60% in early pregnancy which is why the lines get darker and darker.

    I had an ectopic pregnancy and one of the sign is low rising hcg or hcg that doesn't go up. I had a very faint bfp, followed by bleeding (they said mc, followed with a stronger bfp so they looked into ectopic)

    I'm not trying to put the fear of god into you but it is something your gp should consider and blood test will tell.

    I really hope it's a shy bean, my epu said every womans varies hugely x x
  • Hi MP, how far gone where you when they realised it was an EP?? Also can you describe some of the symptoms hun, my doc wants me to put another urine test in on wed morning and then she said she would go through all possible scenarios.

    Am just so tired and for 2 days now I have had a dull ache down my right leg and I keep getting a weird taste in my mouth, one min I feel like eating and then next min I feel sick.

    It could just be all down to everything thats going on with my body but then I go to bed wake up and still feel so crap!

    Omg am really going to stress now but I dont have any shoulder pain?


  • I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to stress you but it always should be eliminated and a lot of GP's don't think of it. It was only for a girls on here suggesting it to me that got me thinking.

    I got a late bfp - 16dpo. CBD said 1-2 weeks but superdrug lines were v v faint. I had pregnancy symptoms - boobs massive, sicknes etc. About 3 days later I started spotting to went to epu. They said the pregnancy test was negative and that i'd had an early m/c. I was devestated and then started bleeding red blood that then went very dark. But it wasn't as heavy as a period.

    About 5 days later I decided to do another test, I still felt very pregnant. The line was darker so I went back to the epu. They did blood tests and the first 2 showed that there could have been a chance it was a viable pregnancy. Thank god they did a 3rd test as it showed my hcg was very slow rising.

    I mentioned ectopic before they said no as i'd be in pain. I had no symptoms at all. At about 6 weeks they scanned me and kept asking me if I had any pain, tugging but I had nothing. They saw that my womb was empty and it was next to my left ovary.

    I was told that you would only get shoulder tip pain or very severe pain much later or as a warning sign to go to hospital.

    The ectopic trust were amazing for info.

    I'm not saying what you are going through is the same as me at all but I'm just very aware of it from my experience.

    If I were in your shoes i'd be asking for blood tests too as it's the only real way to find out what's going on. They'll be able to see if hcg is going up as it should. There are ladies on here who have never had proper bfp's but had healthy babies in them x x
  • Hun I was going to suggest the same thing as Mafia Princess, but as I have never been through it, I was a little reluctant and didnt want to scare you!

    Hope you get your BFP very soon, and have a healthy baby! image

  • Hi Em thanks hun, not long now for you, well have got to drop test off tomorrow again then I assume doc will want me to make an appt to see her.

    Am a bit upset today as I did get a BFP on 31st Jan on a SD test because I took photos of the hpt, I was playing around with my phone and zoomed in and there was a pink line. I just never realised!! since then I have bled so does this mean I have had a mc??

    So confused right now and looking forward to a weekend away to chill xx
  • oh hun how confusing for you bfp then bfn& spotting....

    I bled after i had my bfp (he is 3 now) i then went onto have a bleed every few weeks while i was preg so the bleeding might be nothing. xx hoping you get your proper BFP very soon... Have you done anymore CBD they might say preggy now xx good luck xx
  • Hi, I don't know your back story because I'm pretty new back on here but I wanted to share my experience which I think is relevant. I had two episodes of bleeding early on in my first pregnancy. I thought my period had arrived but it was lighter than I usually had and so a few days in I tested and got my BFP. The bleeding lasted for two weeks so it wasn't an implantation bleed as such. My GP warned me it may be a sign of miscarriage but the bleeding stopped.

    I ended up in hospital shortly after it stopped due to pains that were caused by a whole bunch of things including endometriosis, an ovarian cyst and a uti. I had a bunch of scans as a result of this and my bean seemed happy and healthy. Then I had some further bleeding at 11 weeks and another scan showed baby was fine.

    I now have a gorgeous 20 month old baby boy.

    Bleeding can happen with healthy pregnancies. I really hope you get some good news soon. But the other girls are right to highlight the possibility of an ectopic. That was my fear with the bleeding and pain but I was very lucky.

    Everything crossed for you x
  • Hi gembags am too scared to!, I have only realised I got a BFP on a SD test on 31 January because it notes the date and time on my phone when I took the photos and that was day after my af due and then I went on to get a bleed 11 days later but no af pains, it was very light and no need to use a tampon really.

    I guess only time will tell and that test was done at 5.30 pm in the evening and not with fmu, its just how can I get a faint line one day and then the lines should be gettin stronger.

    I have also been testing with SD tests again and think I can see a faint line but the lines should be getting stronger by now. I suspect either a chem pregnancy or a mmc or maybe even ectopic. I just hope the docs will get to the bottom of it for me

    Also my belly is so swollen it really looks like there is something growing inside of my belly unless have just over indulged at xmas but I feel so bloated all the time and I shouldnt still be getting symptoms now cos I wont be due af again till end March due to long cycles.

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