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Hours of crying..mainly of an evening..please help!

We're really struggling with our LO at the moment. For the past few weeks has gone from a very contented baby to one that just wont settle and gets very upset. It seemed that she had trapped wind so we tried her with infacol which seemed to help for a short period but she eventually got worse. The crying has gone from maybe 1 hour to 5/6 hours every evening.
We have recently been to the docs and she gave us colief which she has now been taking for 4 days with no improvement. My doc said if it didn't work try using another formula with no lactose in it.
However after a really bad night I rang the docs to see how quickly the colief should work and I spoke to another doc, not my usual one, and he said to give it a few days and if no improvement try another formula but not one that is lactose free just yet as she has to build up her tolerance to it and if we take it away now she may never have tolerance for it!
So I really dont know what to do now. She is on Cow and gate at the mo so I was thinking of switching to aptamil but do I then carry on with the colief or do I try something else like gripe water or dentinox??
When she cries she has real tears and her legs kick like mad and she arches her back. We're really struggling to comfort her and its awful..please help!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks Jo and Niamh (7 weeks) xx


  • Oh I really feel for you and didnt want to read and run - i have no experience of this sorry xxx

    I wld ring yr out of hours doctor and ask for advice again!!! Have you rung yr midwife /health visitor - I always found them to be much more helpful than GP! xxx
  • hello

    i would advise to change one thing at a time so you know whats happening, if you change the formula keep with the colief, i dont have experience of this as we use gripe water that settled him quite fast.

    if your not keen on changing formula maybe try some gripe water and it may be worth contacting the health visiter they are often more knowledgable on these things than the docs x
  • Hi

    I sort of know how you feel, Tyler has colic/wind/reflux all been diagnosed by the doctor and we have tried everything. At the moment he is on cow and gate comfort food, Dr Brown bottles and dentinox as we found colief and infacol did nothing for him. He still has bad trapped wind and you can hear it in his little belly but it does seem easier to wind him. We get an hour most nights of uncontrollable crying, I bought Colic Calm from the internet which is all natural ingredients and it seems to calm him within around 20 mins. Its black in colour but he seems to like the taste of it aswell. It is awful to see them in pain and not be able to help, i've forgotten how many times we've been back to the doctor.

    sarah+tyler(11 weeks)
  • Thank u 4ur replies took Lo off colief as was just doin nothin &giving her infacol if anythin but we r tryin the contented baby routine &last night went down at 6.15 with no probs! Fed at 10 & was up once during the night &went bk down with no probs till 7! So fingers crossed this will work. Haven't changed formula as of yet like piggypops said &gona check with HV 1st xx
  • Hi hun, Jack was the exact same as your LO and we tried everything, colief, infacol, gripe water, crystals and nothing worked for him. Then we moved him onto Dr Brown bottles when he was about 6 weeks and it made a huge difference. I couldn't believe the change in him after a few days so if she does go back to her old ways (fingers crossed she won't), then I'd definitely try the Dr Browns xx
  • Glad you had a better night

    If you think it's wind related (which it sounds like you do), then the Colief won't work, neither will Comfort/lactose free milks.

    The girls had bad trapped wind and we also used Dr Browns bottles and Dentinox. It wasn't a miracle cure but it definitely helped a lot

  • Was going to say before I read your second post, my baby boy was exactly the same, hours of crying and we tried everything under the sun, doctors, infacol, osteopathy, usual reflux things but the day we started the contented baby routines was the day we had a happy baby....7 months on and I couldn`t love Gina more!

    I know they don`t work for everybody but they changed our lives dramatically and made me a very happy baby.

    So glad it is easing up a bit!

  • sorry thats my mushed brain, it was supposed to end happy Mummy lol!
  • Haha thanx Sarah. So far so good but only 2nd day but had a great night last night. The only thing is I don't no if she's gettin enough during the day she keeps leaving about an ounce each feed so worrying she wont go thru the night without feeding &then bein put off 7am feed. Cud it b that she just doesn't need as much? Xx
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