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Advice Please Ladies, AF (and her friend!!!)

Hi Ladies!

Need some advice/thoughts please.

I had an ERPC 22nd Dec and got AF 31st Jan. Well, for the last two days I've been spotting light brown (tmi, sorry) What's going on? This never happens during my cycle. So I got af and then 6 days after she leaves, I get spotting! What do you reckon, is this normal after an ERPC?



  • I think it may well be going by the amount of posts at the moment from us poor ladies saying WTF is going on LOL
    I think as long as it doesn't smell and any clots aren't too big (I was told no bigger than 50p piece is fine) then you're ok.
    I just want to know what's AF and what's not if you see what I mean?
  • Depending on your cycle length it could be ov spotting. I had never had this (or heard of it!) before my erpc but after I had it for one cycle. It was weird but only lasted about a day, and has never happened again.

  • Hey, thanks you two for the replies. I did wonder if it might be ov. My cycles are a bit mental at the best of times, so who knows! It's true, I am starting to think WTF! X
  • Hi hun

    It's so hard to say after erpc as it varys so much between everyone. I would keep an eye on it. Our bodys can get so out of sync sometimes & do strange things just when we think ther sorting thereselves out!!! xx
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