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We've had snow!!!!!

Only a smattering but its still snow!!!!!

I am such a big kid! Sooooo excited!!!!


  • We've had nothing yet but it's very cold outside today. Hopefully get to see some later as it moves this way!
  • It won't settle here, we are too close to the sea. Its funny as i had a smattering on my car this morning and didn't think anything of it, yet the docs had a light covering over their car park. I am closer to the sea, which might explain it!
  • Snow has started to melt here. ground had a light dusting and thats all. Keeps trying to snow more so fingers crossed
  • We don't have any snow here yet but it's FREEZING we popped up to town for some shopping and it was so cold i decided to come home!!

    We've had a few flakes of snow so hopefully this evening we might get some!!
  • We've had snow!!!!!!!
    It was quite heavy for a while but it's stopped now, think there could be more later though!!
  • Hi Dawn. Surely you get plenty of snow where you live during the average winter? Down here we get very little, what was forecast for today never materialised and I am soooo disappointed. My parents live right on top of the North Downs and if there is any going they get it. I do miss that!
  • Hi Nicolette
    We live in the south east quite near the border, so we don't see a huge amount of snow. I do like the snow(when i don't need to drive in it), i had to go out this morning and the roads were awful, the gritter's had been nowhere near them!!

    It's started falling again, quite heavy. John will be pleased, he owns the local garage and they do 24hr accident/breakdown recovery. He likes bad weather, it keeps him nice and busy!!
  • YEY! It's trying to snow here! Only seen a few flakes but it's still snow!! Praying it settles over night. The kids would love to wake up to it tomorrow. Jack has been wanting to build a snowman for a while now. It would be nice if he gets to do it.
  • We were supposed to have snow, but no signs of it yet!
  • Gutted! Nothing but a frost!
  • No snow here it's just cold raining and miserable
  • well, we had a few (and i mean a few) flakes yesterday, but nothing much. i was really looing forward to wakign up to it this morning, but no such luck, like Tash, i woke to cold and rain!! BBOOO!!
    Im blaming my work colleagues, all the ones i spoke to yesterday said they dont want any!! so, its all their fault lol!!

    kas xx
  • No frost - No Snow just rain in Kent
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